3/25/2020 11:42:18 PM

The Alpha release of our tournament system is almost here!  It just needs a bit more polish before we let you guys start running in-game events.  As we add the finishing touches, we wanted to give you a sneak peek:   


Customizable tournament settings, including format, structure, and deck restrictions.


Event calendar to keep track of your tournaments.

Tournament management and brackets.


Live simultaneous drafting against other players!

Draft pod support for large draft events.

We’re sorry that it’s taking so long to finish, but we wanted to deliver a system that is up to Rhino standards.

Thank you for all your patience.  We hope that everyone is as excited as we are for tournaments, and we can’t wait to see you guys try out simultaneous drafting!

The Rhino Team


Dev Insights: Seven Ring Ritual

3/20/2020 11:06:07 PM


Seven Ring Ritual initially arose from a sort of side aspect of the lore that doesn’t usually have a reason to interact with a lot of the more resonant and pressing powers colliding in Mythgard. Early red ideation contained a subfaction themed around Greek metal that was very roughly inspired by Brutal Legend, and it REALLY was not coming together or resonating with the team at the time.

There was something interesting lurking in the themes of performance as ritual and audience attention as power though, so the pivot wound up being the Circus Diavolos, a carny-themed group that would offer up far more opportunities to lean into red’s hedonistic intentions and stand out visually from a lot of the other work going on at the time.


This demonic circus may ironically avoid the lore limelight in a lot of cases, but here’s a one of Xeneth’s old bits of “tone microfiction” on the subject:

“A seven ring sigil was incorporated into the main stage of the Circus Diavolos show. Little did the vacant crowds know that earlier that evening, when the big top was packed with spectators, their collective energy was being gathered. Through the attention and focus of a rapt audience, the symbols were charged and primed for this moment; The darkened tent would now serve as a stage for a very different kind of production.

Sinister grins split the lesser demons pale, eyeless heads as they emerged into our world from a place with no light. The ritual was complete.”

Much ado has been made out of some of the supposed crimes and kidnappings hinted at in various Oberos lore boxes, but it’s interesting that even at this early creative stage there’s hints of restraint baked into the landscape of entertainment-as-demonic-ritual. Running away to join the circus is an old but valid fantasy and we shouldn’t leap to conclusions!

  • Fans have no idea what their rapt attention allows the Circus Diavolos to summon after the show.

  • Where they come from, eyes are a liability.

Early drafts of the single player story had much more focus than there currently is on the structure of a “post-ragnarok hades” and the details of Percy’s escape from it. A lot of this speculative detail is bound to be muddled or lost to time given the need to jump-start a journey without getting mired in such things, but Seven Ring Ritual still bears some of the reference marks of these potentially outdated or less useful ideas:

  • Hades’ (the place) “pilot light” eventually going out after Hades’ (the god) failure to return.

  • A slightly colder and darker hades becoming attractive to the kind of more cosmic horror inspired demons than would ordinarily be there.

  • Demon-touched people performing summoning rituals on mortal planes.

  • Them breaking in and being called somehow weakening the system that Percy would need to circumvent to break out.

Initial Design:

Summoning rituals being a natural fit where demons are concerned, and long before design roundtables might have raised the question of whether or not mass minion creation was slated to be an Oberos strength, (bah, Mythic designs bend archetypical rules all the time!) the original Seven Ring Ritual looked like:

7[R]RR Mythic, Carny Spell

Create 3/2 Imps in all of your unoccupied lanes.

It’s a touch stronger and more cost restrictive than its modern incarnation, but that’s actually very close to the current implementation!


The commission was assigned to James Zapata for his mastery of ethereal and otherworldly compositions! Here’s a relatively early sketch:

Art Director Hoon worried that the spell would look too blue and not red enough, so later iterations got much more dire crimson pumped into them…

Interestingly, as the atmosphere and arcane power of the piece amped up and took over, one detail receded; Almost no one today notices the striped roof of the big top in the background…

Wrapping Up:

So, as the demons summoned by the Sovereign Architect visually and mechanically gained the power of flight, they also stole away the Imp name and forced these little guys to become called Hellions. Plans to make additional demons in the game visibly sightless also changed, because as it turns out, eyes are a very useful artistic focal point; note how these guys’ grins can be freely interpreted as either predatory OR joyful without eyes for context.

That sea of 3/2 Hellions proved to be too difficult to deal with, and dropping them to 3/1 helped open up some counterplay in the range of things that could kill off a lot of them. This eventually revitalized an interesting two-pronged debate that had been occurring both externally and internally; that it would be thematically cute if the abbreviated casting cost of 7[R]R better aligned with the card’s name.


Patch Update

3/18/2020 10:01:47 PM

Evaluating the state of the patch at the moment, we've decided to postpone it to next week. Progress has been slowed as the entire office has transitioned to remote. Sorry for the delay, thanks for your patience, and take care of yourselves everyone.



Dev History: Grinning Kolobok

3/13/2020 10:03:22 PM

In today’s blog, we explore the history of a community favorite, the Grinning Kolobok! 



Grinning Kolobok started life as a Russian/Slavic cultural dive. Folklore was a big target during Green ideation, and this weird equivalent to the more European “Gingerbread Man” fable stuck out like a sore thumb. When researching old stories, you run into a lot of similarities like this, where multiple cultures will have a tale about a mischievous baked good coming to life and harrowing its creators… This could be a case of the singular story spreading and changing in the oral tradition, or some collective subconscious could lead multiple bakers to anthropomorphize food, but it’s fascinating either way.


In theory, enchanted baked goods taking off without permission is LESS weird in a world of actual magic, so somehow this manifested in the direction that it should be visually SUPER weird to compensate? Bit foggy on the details, but here’s a rough description that Xeneth STILL hasn’t gotten around to fleshing out into a facing lore entry:

“What appears to be a sentient rolling ball of yellowish unleavened pancake dough with an attitude problem. Often dismissed as the hallucinations of overworked or starving individuals, enough tasty remnants have been discovered in suspicious locations to suggest they perhaps did exist. Unless someone is deliberately animating desserts as a practical joke, some old magic seems to have found its way into the sugar or flour…”

Near as we can tell, the first pass flavor text of “You can't eat what you can't catch!” just stuck.

Prankster magic can explain just about anything, but the implication that a baker would be unaware they were using magic flour is probably more in the original folklore spirit of surprise.

Initial Design:

The initial mechanics actually riffed more on the Skilled Hacktivist pattern of breaching for value, with the ‘consumable’ twist being that it would sap itself (lose maximum health) after delivering some tasty temp mana.

Yes, there was a time when Grinning Kolobok was:

1[G] Common, 1/1 Construct


[Breach], sap 1: Gain (2) temporary mana.

You can probably figure out how abusable this is, but it started out this way and went on to be assigned to the talented Maxim Kostin for illustration!


A snippet from the commission request reveals that it wasn’t always going to be a dog reacting to the freaky pancake:

         “This is bound to look weird, so we should just roll with embrace it. A ridiculous grinning yellowish ball of fried dough, like an emoticon brought to life, taunting and rolling away from some angry/surprised person…”

Here were the initial sketches:


Art Director Hoon selected the second one and did a grinning paintover to reinforce the card name. One of the most common things that has to happen with card art early on is the canvas needs to be expanded to make it easier to capture all the different framings:


Hoon also found some references to a Kolobok story featuring a hungry fox, and requested a surprised Husky or Corgi puppy be added…

“...attached reference is not either of those dogs, but I wanted to give you an idea of what I’m thinking...”:


The almost stoner-like absurdity of this piece was really striking people, so when we noticed the oven timer in the source photography, it got changed to read as 16:20 (4:20).


Wrapping Up:

The problems with the initial design revealed themselves pretty quickly. The mana it generated was used to find creative ways to get it back on the board, making Kolobok one of the first infinite combo pieces to rear its disturbing head.

Thematically, the pancake appearing, rushing in, and turning into temp mana was also very abrupt, so subsequent redesign efforts used a combination of Swift and Energy to better capture the feeling of a trickster causing more and more trouble, (and becoming more delicious somehow?) as it eludes capture!


The Paths of Mythgard

3/12/2020 1:02:15 AM

For today’s dev blog we are going to take a look at the Paths of Mythgard!


Disk of Circadia

The scorching power of a new day dawns.

The questing clarity of night falls

Based on the technomagical nature of running different polarities of electricity through this ancient relic

+6 starting life

Flips between two abilities when you activate your Power:

Night: Divination 2, Draw a card, and all your minions that didn’t attack heal for 1 at the end of your turn until Day.

Day: Discard a card and all minions have Slayer 1 until Night

Pursuit: Your power costs 0 mana to activate the first time.

Fires of Creation

When the world was young, the act of creation had… side effects; refugees of magic and minerals that would eventually come to be called elementals.

+8 starting life, 0🗲

When you create an artifact, +1🗲 and add a Forgeling to your hand with mana cost, strength, and health equal to 🗲.

When you create a Forgeling, look at the top 4 cards of your deck.  You may choose an artifact to place on top; shuffle the rest back into your deck.

Pursuit: Your first Forgeling costs 0 mana

Journey of Souls

Percy’s time in Hades grants her a natural feeling of the ebb and flow of souls through the underworld, and a sense for how some of the deceased can be given a path back to the world of the living, given the right circumstances.

+3 starting life

Gather a soul when one of your non-Ephemeral minions dies.

If you start your turn with 3 or more souls, return the bottom minion in your boneyard to your hand, make it Ephemeral, and lose 3 souls.

Pursuit: Starts with 2 souls.

Rainbow’s End

Hidden in the shrouded steppes is a land where gloom turns to hope.

+5 starting life

At the end of your turn, if the top card of your deck is an enchantment, draw it.

You may replace enchantments with other enchantments.  When you do, gain the replaced enchantment’s mana cost as temporary mana.

Pursuit: Add a Leprechaun’s Coin item to your hand.

Turn of Seasons

The path of seasons is a long and tumultuous journey.

+1 starting life

Rotate through four seasons at the start of your turn:

Winter: All your minions have Fragile 1.

Spring: Gain 1 life.

Summer: Heal all your minions for 1.

Fall: Draw a card.

Pursuit: +4 additional starting life


March Update

3/10/2020 1:18:43 AM

Hey Everyone!

The team has been busy improving Mythgard, and we wanted to share what we have been working on behind the scenes.  Here is a little sneak peek into what we have been working on for next week’s patch.


User Interface

We are in the process of taking another pass at Mythgard’s UI to make sure everything is easily readable and flows smoothly.  While not all of our planned improvements will be in this next patch, it will include fixes to various UI related issues, a further optimized mobile UI, and a new deck summary page


This new overview page should help players evaluate their deck as a whole while also providing an easy way for deck builders to share their creations/jank/brew.



On the art front, this patch will also bring the finished Nine-tailed Vixen which was done by the incredibly talented Yan Kyohara



Our mid-season balance changes are aimed at shaking up the meta.  This patch will continue our efforts to create better color parity through smaller, more impactful changes.  We will explain our thoughts and reasoning on the balance changes once all changes have been finalized in a future blog post. 



The long-awaited tournaments system is starting to really come together, and we very much hope to release the Alpha version in this patch. We’ll release more information in the coming days, including a screenshot of the synchronous draft mode!

Other News

As we’re sure you’re all aware, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is starting to take hold in the United States. The SF Bay Area, where our offices are located, has seen many cases already, and one of our team members is in isolation. We’re trying to work around it as best as we can - please send us your energy!


We have a bunch of blog posts planned for the next several days with updates on our progress, as well as deep dives into the whole development thing, so please stay tuned to our blog and/or follow our socials!

Social Links:






Midseason Balance

2/28/2020 9:43:52 PM

Dev Blog: Midseason Balance


The midseason balance patch will be delayed to early/mid-March.  This is due to how much the purple balance patch affected the state of the game.  Overall we are happy with how the purple patch impacted the meta and has balanced purple's win and play rates with the other factions. 


That being said, there are still a few areas in Mythgard that we are planning to change to balance the power levels of the factions further.  In the midseason patch, we will be aiming to make a smaller number of impactful changes to create better color parity while retaining each faction's unique playstyle and flavor. 


Have a great weekend, and remember to follow our dev blog and socials for some exciting articles and announcements as we get closer to the midseason patch!


Art of Mythgard

2/26/2020 12:09:37 AM

Hey everyone, we are currently working hard on our first expansion for Mythgard!  We aren’t quite ready to release any details about the expansion's theme or cards but what we can share is some of the amazing artists that will be bringing the world of Mythgard to life! 

We are extremely excited to work with such talented illustrators and hope you guys are excited to see their take on our world.



Sam White


Wirawan Pranoto


Emilis Emka