Welcome to the Mythgard Friends and Family Alpha

First off, thank you so much for participating - we very much hope you enjoy the game! Please remember this is only an Alpha. It is by no means complete and is missing a host of features that we consider necessary and plan on adding in due time. You’ll encounter bugs, imbalances, and placeholder art and sound. There’s no music. We appreciate your help in finding all of the above, and your feedback on how to make it all better.

As it’s an Alpha, prepare yourself for an account wipe at the end (and possibly even mid stream, though that’s something we’ll try our utmost to avoid). Your time won’t be wasted however - we absolutely need the help of as many people as possible to find and fix bugs, correct imbalances, and push the number of people our servers can handle. We’d like to also give people who help out during this stage some extra goodies when we launch - we can’t guarantee anything, and we don’t know what form such rewards would take, but it is on our minds.

Rhino Games


Nearly all of you have never heard of us. This is, after all, our first game (though we all have some degree of experience in the games industry). We’re a tiny independent studio founded in July of 2016. Currently, we have just seven employees.


Mythgard is a digital collectible card game, set in a modern-day alternate universe where the gods are real, but their powers and influence are waning - most of the greater deities have been killed off as their respective cultures came into contact with one another and clashed over territory and resources. The gods of today find themselves in a world where they need to struggle to get by - sometimes even working a day job!

Our setting is influenced by such work as American Gods, Fables, Preacher, Jupiter’s Circle, and The Red Star to name just a few.

The gameplay draws, of course, from Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Legend of the Five Rings, and Shadowrun, as well as many other RPGs, card games, and strategy games. We think you’ll find that we’ve also added many of our own unique twists and spins to advance the genre.


WebGL2-compatible browser (preferably Firefox or Chrome) is required. Please refer to the guide linked at the top of the game for basic instructions.

Since there are a limited number of people in the Alpha, don’t expect to match with other players spontaneously. If you want to play against another person, you’ll probably have to coordinate with them first!

Timeline and Planned Major Features

Beta / Early Access (~April 2018)

  • Fifth faction (Orange)
  • Ranked multiplayer
  • Additional clients (incl. possibly Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • More game modes (multiplayer draft)
  • Crafting
  • Mythril (payments)

Release (~September 2018)

  • Sixth faction (Purple)
  • Single player story and tutorial
  • Relics and character personalization
  • Community (friends, guilds, etc)
  • Additional clients (incl. possibly Xbox, PS4, Switch)
  • More game modes (2v2, tourney, crucible, overworld)

Bug Reporting and Feedback

Please post bugs, suggestions, and feedback at https://www.reddit.com/r/mythgard/

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