Season II Champions Ladder Ranking changes

3/19/2021 7:48:54 PM

One of the issues we discovered with the first MCS Ranked Ladder Season was that people tended to hit Champions with a relatively high score and are subsequently incentivized to not play (definitely not the pattern we wanted to encourage).

We're going to be trying an alteration to the Champions ranking system to help address that for Season II. This change will go into effect with the next patch (which is anticipated to be coming in the next 1-2 weeks).

Before we get into the changes, it's worth mentioning that at the start of the new season, everyone's Kismet will revert to mean according to the formula NewKismet = OldKismet * 0.75 + MeanElo * 0.25 (where MeanElo = 1500). For the non-math inclined, this simply means that with each new season, everyone's Kismet will be "shoved" closer to 1500. Kismet, of course, is simply Mythgard's fancy word for Elo (a system for estimating a player's relative skill, for which details can be found in Wikipedia).

With the anticipated change, players on Champions ladder will be ranked according to Kismet + Ba. Ba will be assigned as follows:

  • Only relevant for Champions (only Champions can gain or lose Ba)

  • Initially 0 at the start of the season

  • Ranges between -200 and 200

  • However, a maximum of 100 will be used for ranking (so if a player's Kismet is 1900 and their Ba is 200, their ranking will be 2000)

  • Increases by 10 for each win, up to a maximum of 50 per day (as delineated by mission reset time)

  • Decreases by 10 for every day not played (also as delineated by mission reset time)

We'll see how this works for Season II and tweak as necessary as things progress. Happy Hunting!