5/11/2021 12:01:37 AM


The second Winter War End of Season tournament will take place on May 15th-16th and will be hosted in collaboration with 983 Media. With plenty of QP for the 2021 World Championships and $1000 in cash on the line, do you have what it takes to take home the title this season?

The tournament is open to all players in Silver rank or above and will take place in 2 parts. Day 1 will be a Swiss Best of 3 Conquest tournament on May 15th at 11:00 AM EST/15:00 UDT and will be broadcast on the official Mythgard Twitch channel by Rhino's own, Noah, and a rotation of guest co-casters. The top 8 players from Day 1 will move on to a Day 2 tournament on May 16th.

Day 2 will be a single elimination Best of 3 Conquest tournament taking place at 11:00 AM EST/15:00 UDT and will be broadcast on the official Mythgard Twitch channel by WatchFlake and TheOneChristo. Differing a bit from last season's tourney, there will be NO DECK SWITCHING ALLOWED BETWEEN DAYS 1 AND 2.

For more information on tournament formats, read this post.

May 15th:

11:00 AM EST/15:00 UDT

Silver Rank or Above

Bo3 Swiss Conquest


May 16th:

11:00 AM EST/15:00 UDT

Top 8 players from Day 1

Bo3 Single Elim Conquest


Please note that both tourney streams will be broadcast on a 15 minute delay. Any players in the tournament who are streaming their own matches are advised to also stream on a delay and/or otherwise conceal their hand on their own broadcast to avoid potential problems with stream sniping.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another post where we'll be addressing a bug that occurred in the last tourney and how we plan to address it moving forward, as it does potentially influence QP earnings.

Best of luck to all of you who choose to play and we look forward to seeing who is victorious in this event as we finish off the second season of The Winter War!