Patch Notes v0.18.4.1

7/29/2020 4:09:47 PM

Patch is primarily a bug-fix patch.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing and/or broken mission panel on certain browser builds and MacOs

  • Fixed combat calculation with respect to attackers with zero strength erroneously getting the benefits of slayer and/or frailty

  • Fixed sourced abilities not falling off for minions on the right side of the 2v2 board when the source leaves play

  • Fixed Desertification Engine active ability

  • And various other bugs

Known Issues

  • Chat is NYI

  • Guilds are NYI

  • Minor combat calculation difference for fragile vs. what is intended (see blog post linked above)

  • Junkyard Valhalla can miscalculate the dredge restriction in 2v2 and / or if there are more than one Junkyard Valhalla in play


Patch Notes v0.18.4

7/27/2020 6:27:21 PM