Patch Notes v0.10.1

9/20/2018 5:25:58 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug preventing players playing in the browser from logging into the game for the first time.

  • Dragging to activate a power no longer interacts with cards in your hand.

  • Card text now scales better to fit the card. (The most noticeable change is that path card text is no longer tiny).

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a blank panel to appear in the main menu when viewing profiles.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Disk of Circadia Day from forcing you to discard.

  • Re-fixed an issue that allowed AI to target minions on the board with Wake the Bones.

  • Fixed various bugs associated with known cards on deck.

  • Rotated the back player’s deck count to be right-side up for reading.

Known Issues

  • When multiple players are running Disk of Circadia, the flips to Night side can prematurely end Slayer 1 on minions.


  • Disk of Circadia

    • NIGHT: ...all your minions that didn't attack heal for 2 at the end of your turn until Day → ...all your minions that didn't attack heal for 1 at the end of your turn until Day

    • DAY: ...all your minions get [Focused 1] until Night → ...all minions get [Slayer_1] until Night


Patch Notes v0.10

9/18/2018 8:25:35 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Website visual overhaul

  • New main menu UI.

  • New Path: Fires of Creation

  • New Powers: Foresight, and Reanimate

    • Earn new paths and powers via perfect level III gauntlet victory or weekly chest. Each level III gauntlet or weekly chest grants one path or power that you do not yet own.

  • New cards: Blood Dolls and Troikasekt (placeholder art).

  • New accounts now start with 80 cards (20 of each color) that are organized into six preconstructed Starter Decks.

  • Story rewards now unlock 20 additional cards (5 of each color).

  • Now accepting payments on Android (due to Apple policies with test apps, payments for iOS can not be enabled until the app goes live).

  • Starter pack - new players will be given a time-limited offer to buy 5 core packs and 800 mythril for $5.

  • Added redemption code system. There’s now a tile in the Store that allows players to enter special codes to receive presents. Join our discord to get Alpha test codes!

  • Added new Daily Missions.

  • Burned cards are now more visually distinct from unburned cards.

  • New card wheel interface (UI for picking through cards in boneyards, selecting cards to discard, etc.) should make it easier to select between larger number of cards.

  • Advanced search commands added to card filtering (see “Search” below for specifics).

  • Crafting card filter is now a simpler, two-way toggle.

  • Added a button to the end game screen which allows players to review the board/emote after a game.

  • Added pause and speed controls during game replays.

  • Replays now show divination cards.

  • You can now spectate live games (cards will be hidden unless known to all players).

  • Slayer now works on defense.

  • Warded no longer protects from banish effects.

  • Boneyard Abomination, Extract Life, Gemcutter Spider, and Leshy Greene now show their variable values on the card as ★ in the editor, and will dynamically update to show expected value in game.

  • Avenging Alpha dynamically updates to show expected strength and health when created.

  • Nazca Memorial now shows the number of minions memorialized.

  • Berserkr Sickness, Wings of Abbadon, and Alkonost kill effects are now “sacrifice” and can be used on warded minions.

  • Fixed a bug where it wouldn’t allow you to go into the deck editor if you’ve deleted all of your decks.

  • Fixed a bug that would soft-lock the game if you examined a boneyard or deck right before a divination or similar effect fires.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple Singing Stones wouldn’t correctly apply their bonus when moving into enchantments.

  • Fixed a bug where a Ravine Guardian’s stats would be incorrectly calculated when on the board with a Revolutionary Totem in play

  • Fixed a bug where Nazca Memorial’s buff remained even after the memorial got removed from play.

  • Fixed a bug where the Goliath Spider created by The Goliath’s Web when placed across from a Hekate’s Wheel would not properly have its deadly ability suppressed.

  • Fixed a bug where minions created on or moving into a suppressed Mistwalker Gate would improperly receive a free move action.

  • Fixed a bug where sourced buffs from dying minions would incorrectly be applied if their death and the application of the buff happens at the “same time”. For example, summoning a Sapo, the Devourer next to a Freki Sidecar would incorrectly leave the Sapo with rush.

  • Fixed a bug where Extract Life cast on a sapped Maze of Iyatiku could give the casting player an incorrect amount of life.

  • Fixed a bug where minions returned to hand by Garden of Iriy would display incorrect values.

  • Dora’s activated ability now targets decks rather than players.

  • You can now queue playing a card whose casting cost depends on the burning of another card before the burn animation for that card has completed.

  • The mana cost of cards is now rendered in cyan if reduced or red if increased from the base cost.

  • Changed minion strength/health color key to:

Flashing Purple

“Life support”: Minion will die if suppressed.



Bright Yellow


Darker Yellow


  • Hovering or zooming a minion card while the minion is in play will show fractional health if the minion’s current health isn’t equal to its maximum health. For example, a 4 health minion dealt 1 point of damage will show its health as ¾ on its tooltip card.

  • Improved visual quality of card highlights.

  • Deck editor now prompts you if you attempt to exit without setting a path and power (if available).

  • Enforce maximum of 100 decks per player and 200 cards per deck.

  • Improved minion token shadows when high quality shadows is turned on in gfx options.

Known Issues

  • Friends list functionality did not get completed in time for this release.

  • The “goes second” modifiers for paths are placeholder while we evaluate options.

  • Melinoë, Soul Shepherd may not add Forlorn Spirits to your hand for minions destroyed at the “same” time as her. We intend to fix this, but the proper solution is complicated enough (with attendant high probability of unanticipated side effects) that we’ll put it off until we have ample resources to do more thorough testing.


  • Bog Basilisk

    • COST: 4[G]G → 4[G]

  • Born Again

    • COST: 2[G]G → 2[G]

  • Disk of Circadia

    • DAY: Gain 1 life, discard a card, and all your minions get [Overrun] until end of turn. → Gain 1 life, discard a card, and all your minions get [Focused 1] until Night.

    • NIGHT: Divination 2 and draw a card. → [Divination 2], draw a card, and all your minions that didn't attack heal for 2 at the end of your turn until Day.

    • NEW: Starts on Night, or Day if you go second.

  • Enchanteater

    • COST: 4[Y]Y → 4[Y]

  • Enyo, Murder’s Muse

    • COST: 5[R]RRR → 5[R]RR

    • ACTIVE: @, Sap 7: Empower with [Frenzy] and [Immortal]. → @: If she has 8 or more health, empower with [Frenzy] and [Immortal].

This should go a long way toward making Enyo’s power easier to understand.

  • Foul Harvest

    • BOUNTY: 2 life and (2) temporary mana → 4 life and (2) temporary mana.

  • Godsblud Transfusion

    • BUFF: +2/+2 and Regen 3 → +1/+1 and Regen 3

  • Grinning Kolobok

    • REMOVED: Rush

    • ABILITY: Breach, Sap 1: Gain (2) temporary mana. → [Demise]: Gain (2) temporary mana.

Part of a longer term effort to solidify color identities, (green desire being tactics over speed) and many of the less combo-oriented pancake uses already involved waiting a turn to attack.

  • Journey of Souls

    • NEW: Starts with 1 soul if you go second.

  • Metzin Giant

    • COST: 5[Y] → 5[Y]Y

  • Red Carnival

    • COST: 3[R]R → 3[R]

  • Serpent Den

    • TEMPLE SNAKES: Rush → [Awaken]: Gets a free move action.

With the den snaking up the battlefield immediately, it’s become more about speed than generation. Them sneks had rush primarily so they could move and avoid clogging their lane up, but why slither away when you can attack bigger minions?

  • Thunderclap

    • SPELL: Deal 2 damage to all your opponent's minions. → Deal 2 damage to your opponent and all enemy minions.

For the cost, this spell could stand to clap your opponent as well. Also adjusted wording to better reflect the actual behavior in 2v2.

  • Turn of Seasons

    • NEW: Starts in Winter, or Spring if you go second.

  • Wendish Giant

    • COST: 4[G] → 4[G]G

  • Yahui

    • COST: 2[Y] → 2[Y]Y


  • Lots of new UI to support the Main Menu changes

(Main menu, Play sub menu, Collection sub menu, main menu icons, and various Header art for each sub menu.)

  • Added a couple of scenes to the beginning of the story sequences

  • Continued tweaks to new and existing path placements

  • New Power icons and card art for Foresight and Reanimate

  • Distressed, burnt card frame.

  • Starter Pack and Redemption Codes panel in Store

  • New card art: (Orange cards only available in Story mode.)

    • Cobblejack

    • Forge Elemental

    • Dune Cat (O)

    • Twinfire Zealot (O)

    • Vital Proxa (O)

    • Parsa Fanatic (O)

    • Dust Devil (O)

    • Parsa Clarion (O)

    • Sandscaping (O)

    • Blood Dolls (R)


  • Armor proc

  • Rejuvenate Power (Revise)

  • Eirsdottir (Revise)

  • Impel Power (Revise)

  • Reanimate Power (Stand-in WIP)

  • Scarred (Stand-in WIP)

  • Foresight Power

  • Koschei The Deathless (Reanimate VFX)

  • Zolea The Unclean (Brand VFX)

  • Bela Witch Queen (Modify VFX)


You can now search for artist names and text in tooltip cards.

Search is now word-based, with a default conjunction of AND (also & or &&).

For example, if you type MEGA BOMB, it will show cards that contain both “MEGA” and “BOMB”, not necessarily “MEGA BOMB”.

If you want to search for a phrase, enclose it in quotes, ie “MEGA BOMB”.

OR (also | or ||) can be used to specify either-or.

For example, if you type ⸢MEGA OR BOMB⸥, it will search for cards that contain either “MEGA” or “BOMB”.

NOT (also !) can be used to specify not.

For example, if you type ⸢MEGA !BOMB⸥, it will show cards that have the word “MEGA” but not the word “BOMB”.

You can use parentheses to specify order of operations.

You can search for minions using #/# notation.

For example, if you type ⸢3/3⸥, it will show only minions that have 3 strength and 3 health.

If you type ⸢3/*⸥, it will show only minions that have 3 strength.

You can use the following variables:

STRENGTH (also STR) A minion’s strength
HEALTH (also HP) A minion’s health
BLUE (also BLU) A card’s blue gem cost
RED A card’s red gem cost
YELLOW (also YLW) A card’s yellow gem cost
GREEN (also GRN) A card’s green gem cost
GEMS (also GEM) A card’s total gem cost
MANA A card’s mana cost
COUNT (also NUM) The number of cards you own
NEW Whether or not the card is new

In conjunction with the following operators:

= Equals

< Less than

> Greater than

>= Greater than or equal-to

<= Less than or equal-to

For example, if you type ⸢STR>MANA AND GEM=1⸥, it will show minion cards whose strength is greater than the mana cost and only contain a single gem in the casting cost.


Patch Notes v0.9.1

8/14/2018 7:32:06 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Add yet more code in an attempt to prevent the “Done” button from failing to appear after opening a pack.

  • Improved deck selection interface to not enter the deck editor on single-click.

  • Sovereign Architect’s activated ability icon now correctly reflects whether or not it’s activatable.

  • Allfather’s Horn now correctly draws a card.

  • Jotun Shatterfist now correctly triggers its growth ability prior to dealing damage when attacking into a minion with alpha strike.

  • Added a “watch match” option to the player context menu.

  • Fixed another yet another bug that would prevent some replays from being watchable.

  • Fixed masking issue with player portraits in match history scroll box.

  • Players can now see the ranked play panel regardless of player level.

  • The “next bout” button on completing a gauntlet match now indicates which bout number is up next.

  • All players now have a hand max of 9.

  • Turn timer is now off for casual games vs. the AI.

  • Hitting “cancel” during a connection attempt should now work asynchronously.

  • Lore Broker will continue to grant vision of your opponent’s hand until killed or suppressed as intended.

Known Issues

  • Friend functions are not-yet-implemented despite the option being selectable in some context menus.

  • Multiple Singing Stones do not stack properly when moving onto an enchantment.

  • Trying to save a deck of over a couple hundred cards will cause a server disconnect.

  • The “Default” blank path and power are showing up in the pool of random choices when drafting in Gauntlet and Arena.

  • Lore Broker’s empower text won’t visually swap out after the breach is engaged.


Patch Notes v0.9

8/10/2018 7:41:43 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Greatly expanded tutorial.

  • Added a new Path: Disk of Circadia, and two new Powers: Infuse and Rejuvenate

    • New paths and powers can be obtained either by beating stage 9 of Gauntlet Level III or from the weekly chest.

  • Moved deck management to the main menu screen (click on the deck icon next to your portrait). [We’re working on a total overhaul of the main menu for next patch].

  • Added full match history to player profile panel. You can access this match history by clicking or tapping on the player portrait then dragging the collection planel to the left to show match history.

  • Added right-click context menu to player portrait in game and player names in match histories, ranked ladder, and ranked action panels.

    • You can now view other players’ profiles via this menu.

    • Add friend is listed but is not yet implemented. Friend list and other social features will be available in future patches.

  • Health for minions on “life support” (ie minions that are only alive due to buffs and might therefore be destroyed if moved or suppressed) are now drawn in red.

  • Energy Action - minions get an energy action when created and at the beginning of their controller’s turn. Energy actions are used as part of a cost for some minion activated abilities that cost energy. Energy actions are not restored by cards like Volition and Allfather’s Horn. Most energy-users have been rebalanced to account for this change.

  • Added (placeholder) indicator for when a minion takes reduced damage in combat.

  • The minion OPPOSING Maelstrom should once again be within the damage area of this troublesome enchantment.

  • Suppressing Verdant Jungle or Sweet Spinnerette should now correctly reduce their controller’s mana.

  • Turn of Seasons now gives Fragile to minions created during winter.

  • Journey of Souls now correctly decrements soul count when triggering.

  • Nazca Memorial now assigns the correct values for minions that move into it.

  • Improved action indicators for activatable artifacts.

  • Improved drag-to-attack detection.

  • Match ID is now displayed in the ESC menu in game.

  • Fixed a bug where minions wouldn’t properly return to their lane after combat.

  • Fixed the draw card animation to not flash the card at the beginning of the draw.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t zoom a player’s boneyard while another player was making a divination decision.

  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause account rollbacks.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some game replays from playing.

  • Fixed incorrect Ranked Points reward for defeating mobs in ranked matches. The correct numbers are Bronze 15, Silver 10, Gold 5, Mythril 1.

  • Reduced Ranked Point penalty for losing to a mob in a ranked match. All tiers other than Bronze now have a 30 point penalty.

  • If a player disconnects from a casual or ranked game and doesn’t reconnect in a timely fashion, it will now be counted as a loss.

Known Issues

  • Friend functions are not-yet-implemented despite the option being selectable in some context menus.

  • Multiple Singing Stones do not stack properly when moving onto an enchantment.

  • Trying to save a deck of over a couple hundred cards will cause a server disconnect.

  • The “Default” blank path and power are showing up in the pool of random choices when drafting in Gauntlet and Arena


  • Academy Analyst

    • ACTIVE: Now uses an energy action instead of being “once per turn”.

  • Allfather’s Horn

    • NEW: Draw a card in addition to refreshing mana and actions.

The fantasy of this divine drink was always essentially to take another turn, so letting the spell replace itself brings it even closer.

  • Bela, Witch Queen

    • ENERGY: 4 → 3. Uses energy actions instead of regular actions

    • +2e: reduce cost of your spells by 1

    • -1e: stun target minion

    • -9e: gain brand: “whenever you play a card, draw a card”

    • Whenever your opponent plays a spell -1e

  • Bold Omega

    • BREACH EMPOWER: +1/+1 → +2/+1

  • Bragi Runesinger

    • Uses energy actions instead of regular actions

  • Einherjar Thane

    • COST: 2[B]B → 2[B]

  • Gigantomachia

    • SPELL: Destroy all minions with 4 or more health. → Banish all minions with 4 or more health.

  • Helm of Conscription

    • ACTIVE COST: @ → @1

  • Journey of Souls

    • +1 life per soul collected → +2 life on resurrection

  • Koschei, the Deathless

    • ENERGY: 3 → 1. Uses energy actions instead of regular actions.

  • Lord Valentine

    • REMOVED: At the end of your turn, fully heal all your Vampire minions.

    • NEW: Gets a free action when one of your Vampires other than Lord Valentine Breaches.

One of Valentine’s jobs is to start to seed the concept of Vampires coming together on the board, but with so many of them being high strength low health attackers, healing didn’t really fit.

  • Magnus Thorsson

    • SIZE: 4/5 → 4/4

  • Marching Orders

    • CHOICE: You can now move minions and enchantments right OR left

  • Orbital Jamming Satellite

    • NEW: Starts with 2 Energy (e)

    • NEW: +1e at the start of your turn.

    • ACTIVE COST: @ → @2e

  • Ourania Muse

    • ENERGY: 0 → 1. Uses energy action instead of regular action.

    • PASSIVE: +1e at the start of your turn. → +1e and you lose 1 life at the start of your turn.

    • ACTIVE: Now uses an energy action instead of a standard action.

Bringing back the faster turnaround on investment, but with a more red-feeling life cost.

  • Pack Mentality

    • NEW: Additionally gives affected minion the Canine tag

  • Plague Maidens

    • COST: 4[B]Y → 4Y[G]

Even though their conjoined form prevented them from being recruited by the Ved’ma, disease spreading witches are right in line with green and yellow thematics. As an added bonus this color shift helps smooth out the currently uneven multicolor gem cost landscape.

  • Samosek, the Living Sword

    • NEW: Piercing

  • Seven Ring Ritual

    • COST: 7[R]RR → 7[R]R

  • Zolea, the Unclean

    • ENERGY: 2 → 1. Uses energy action instead of regular action.


  • Update on Ability icons

  • New Power Icons Added (Infuse and Rejuvenate)

  • Gameboard asset for Disk of Circadia

  • Profile UI design

  • Intro UI graphics update


  • Maelstrom (Fixed)

  • Desert (Damage VFX)

  • Bounce VFX (Modified)

  • Ollama Ring (Modified)

  • Headless One (Modified)

  • Dust Devil

  • Vital Broxa (Stand-in VFX)

  • Dune Cat (Stand-in VFX)

  • Parsa Clarion (Stand-in VFX)

  • Rejuvenate Power

  • Infuse Power

  • Smite Power (Revise)

  • Impel Power (Revise)


Patch Notes v0.8.1

7/5/2018 8:05:50 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Multiple pack purchasing

  • Automatic card unmake for cards above the deck limits

  • Minion size decreases from Blight can no longer be negated by Suppression (but the Blight ability itself can still be Suppressed to prevent the addition of more -1/-1 stacks).

  • The minion occupying Sacrificial Altar should once again be exempt from the mass +1/+1 buff.

  • The minion occupying Maelstrom should once again be exempt from the damage area.


  • Turn of Seasons

    • Spring: Gain 3 life. → Gain 2 life.

    • Starting Season: Spring → Winter

  • Journey of Souls

    • Trigger Threshold: 4 Souls → 3 Souls

    • Removed: Returned minions are no longer Ephemeral.

  • Impel

    • Activation Cost: 1 Mana → 2 Mana

    • Ability: Once per turn, give an allied minion Swift until end of turn. → Once per turn, give an allied minion a free move action.


  • The Stretcher (Fixed bug when more than one is activated)


Patch Notes v0.8

6/23/2018 12:50:11 AM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • 2 v 2 Game Mode is Here!

  • 15 New story missions with cinematic cutscenes and improved rewards.

  • Game Mode Revisions:

    • To play vs human or AI opponents, just hit Play, then choose casual or ranked.

    • If no human opponent is available, you'll be given an AI opponent in 15 seconds.

  • Login and Register accounts with Google and Facebook

  • New Paths and Powers

    • Powers are active abilities that require mana and can be used a maximum of once per turn.

    • Paths are passive abilities that provide unique benefits over the course of the game.

  • UI Improvements and new player profile panel

  • Fixed a bug where unzooming a minion or enchantment that was in play when the zoom was first initiated but subsequently was bounced to the player’s hand would result in the card being invisible in hand.

  • Account for window borders when changing resolution to the maximum screen size (Windows only).

  • Restructured Incubation Chamber such that removing the enchantment or forcing a minion out of it can now end gestation before the buff kicks in.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a Hopeless Necromantic dying with The Yana Virus to infect the resurrected minion.

  • Fixed a bug where resuming a suspended game caused it to not count toward mission/achievement progress.

Known Issues

  • Nazca Memorial and Singing Stone stacks beyond the first aren’t being taken into account when moving into enchantments (as opposed to being created inside).

  • Fragile 1 from Turn of Seasons Winter isn’t being applied to newly created minions.

  • Some combat sound effects will still play even if audio is muted.


  • Beimeni Falls

    • Creation Life Gain: 2 → 3

  • Belovode

    • COST: 6[G]GG → 5[G]GG

  • Black Cadejo

    • SIZE: 3/4 → 3/5

  • Bridgeway Troll

    • COST: 4[B]B → 4[B]

  • The Giant’s Stairway

    • COST: 5[B] → 4[B]

  • The Goliath’s Web

    • NEW: Awaken: Creates a 1/3 Goliath Spider in this lane.

  • Grease Monkey

    • ABILITY: Restore 3 of another minion’s health. → Restore 3 of a minion’s health.

Mechanic repair thyself! (There used to be a targeting issue that made this ability easier to understand if she couldn’t tend to her own wounds.)

  • Incubation Chamber

    • NEW: Stunned occupant now also gets Armor 2 during gestation.

  • The Invisible City

    • COST: 5[G]G → 4[G]G

    • REMOVED: @, sap 2: Draw a card.

    • NEW: Demise: Your opponent is granted 2 life.

This cycle of “throne” enchantments is characterized by card draw offset by interesting effects that come at a cost, but the good city of Kitezh must have been hiding when we were handing out double edged swords…

  • Odinthrone

    • COST: 5[B] → 4[B]B

    • BUFF: -0/-2 → +1/-2

    • REMOVED: Agile

  • Ravenous She

    • COST: 5[G]G → 5[G]

  • Sacrificial Altar

    • COST: 5[Y]Y → 4[Y]Y

    • REMOVED: No longer stuns occupying minion when transferring strength and health.

  • Serpent Den

    • NEW: Awaken: Creates a 1/1 Temple Snake with [Rush] in this lane.

  • Stairway to Hades

    • COST: 6[R]R → 5[R]R

  • Temple at Delphi

    • COST: 5[R]R → 4[R]R

  • Timberland Troll

    • COST: 4[B] → 4[B]B

    • SIZE: 4/4 → 4/5

  • Volkov Heavy

    • COST: 4[G]G → 5[G]G

    • SIZE: 5/4 → 5/5

    • NEW: Armor 1

  • White Cadejo

    • SIZE: 3/4 → 3/5

  • Winter Wolf

    • SIZE: 5/3 → 5/4

    • NEW: Swift


  • Path/Power/Brand card frame design

  • Path/Power Cardlet design

  • Smite/Impel/ Default Icons/buttons design

  • Updated mana bar with Power icons/buttons

  • Turn of Seasons (Path) Game board figurines with all 4 seasons

  • Journey of the Souls (Path) game board figurines

  • Turn of Seasons and Journey of Souls path card art

  • New UI navigation buttons

  • Updated intro funnel UI

  • 2V2 Game Board and UI

  • Story Mode art  (battle 1 to 15) and UI elements

  • New updated Intro Funnel pages (Loading screen, Login screen and Experience Level screen)


  • Revised FX scale of Alacrity.

  • Revised timing and added audio to FX of Garden of Iriy, Ichor Feast, Freki Huntress, Dead Man’s Eyes, and Bragi Runesinger.

  • Added summon FX to Chloe Sunshine, Winter Wolf, Kara Mourningwives, Tyr Monomund, Rider Of Edda, The Recursionist, Cerberus Unchained, Lord Valentine, Melinoe, Soul Shepard, Enyo, Murder’s Muse, Terpischore Muse, Fated Firebird, Bragi Runesinger, Fleeting Thunderbird, Zolea the Unclean, Bob “Banzai” Vaquero, Universal Holcan, Sapo the Devourer, Baba Yaga’s Den, Bela Witch Queen, Zmey Hydra, Koschei the Deathless, Sablewing Zira, and Chort Stag.

  • Tweaked timing and revised FX of Earthslide, Calliope Muse, Ourania Muse, Gamayun, Academy Analyst, Dream Weaver, Vicious Cycle, Cornered Wildcat, Enchanteater, Fleeting Thunderbird, Zolea the Unclean, Headless One, Godsbane Transport, Sapo the Devourer, Orpheum Of Horrors, Vulcan Brand, Ankle Biter, Blood Moon, Overkill, Reckless Vulcanist, Calliope Muse, Melpomene Muse, Lord Valentine, Shopworn Bull, Howling Abyssal, Gigantomachia, Magmataur, House Elf, Grinning Kolobok, Vodnik Informant, Wake the Bones, Samosek the Living Sword, Synapse Overclock, Ved’ma Flamespar, Hopeless Necromantic, Led Astray, Night Hag, Serenity Seawitch, Volkov Pointman, Focused Frenzy, Gamayun, Zmey Hydra, Koschei the Deathless, Ravenous She, Alkonost, Eirsdottir, Bulwark, Plague Maidens, Fire Eater, Mani Queen of Tides, Dissonant Drone, Fated Firebird, Pack Mentality, The Stretcher, Splicing Lab, Bob “Banzai” Vaquero, and Kara Mourningwives.

  • Continuing to optimize FX for multiple platforms.


Patch Notes v0.7.1

4/19/2018 9:34:01 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Burned cards can no longer be shuffled to the top of your deck unless you have no cards in your deck

  • Volume controls should now do something

  • Escape menu now has a “Suspend” option for Single-Player game modes

    • Known issue: this option appears erroneously in replay mode and if selected will put the client into a bad state until re-login.

  • Now supports reconnecting to live games when logging in from another client

    • You should be able to start a game, whether multiplayer or single player in one client and immediately take over the game simply by logging in with a different client, including on another device/platform

  • You can now withdraw from Gauntlet prematurely

  • Corrected Arena matchmaking panel to state that you are entering the Arena queue

  • Display an error dialog when unable to replay a game instead of crashing

  • Going back to the main menu from an Arena or Gauntlet game should no longer put the main menu in a bad state

  • Settings panel is now accessible in combat

  • Settings panel now correctly reflects “Experienced Player” setting

  • Fixed a bug where progress in achievements and missions may not get counted after a reconnect

  • Fixed blank path emplacements on board, game board graphic tune-up

  • Fixed dummy card from appearing when highlighting empty boneyard

  • Moved player hand down to better fit game board

  • Opponent cards in their hand that you “know” are now shown face-up

  • Raid the Tombs and Pit Fiend now correctly banish cards from the boneyard

  • Blight: Get -0/-X at the end of turn. → Get -X/-X at the beginning of turn

  • Immortal creatures now go to the boneyard if their maximum health goes to zero

  • Added Nordic name generator


  • Academy Analyst

    • +1 ENERGY: Whenever you cast a spell or enchantment. → Whenever you cast a spell.

    • DIVINATION 4: Now only usable once per turn.

Attempting to preserve a lot of her tempo and utility while limiting the raw speed with which the Analyst could dig through your deck.

  • Pit Fiend

    • DEMISE: Banish the bottom 3 minions of your opponent's boneyard. → Banish the bottom 4 cards of your opponent's boneyard.

  • Poxbringer

    • COST: 2[Y] → 3[Y]

The new blight is quite a bit better!

  • Zmey Hydra

    • COST: 4[G]GGG → 4[G]GG



  • Magnus Thorsson (Revise)

  • Allfather’s Horn (Revise)

  • Cataclysm (Revise)

  • Triassic Kraken (Fixed)

  • Foul Harvest (Revise)

  • Bald Mountain (Fix)

  • Brass Bouncer

  • Valkyrie Enforcer

  • False Mjolnir (Revise)

  • Ice Spike (Revise)

  • Maze Of Iyatiku (Revise)

  • Boneyard Abomination (Revise)

  • Firedart Frog (Revise)

  • Invisible City (Revise)


Patch Notes v0.7

4/6/2018 6:22:23 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • New supported platforms for Alpha

    • We will be adding invite-only support for Android, iOS, and Steam in this release. Sign up instructions will be posted in our reddit.

  • Arena - a new PvP Game Mode:

    • Unlocks at level 5

    • Draft a deck to play against other people in a series of twelve matches

    • Your rewards increase based on the number of wins you get

    • Every two losses, you get an opportunity to draft more cards for your deck

  • Music

    • Theme and combat music. Original score by John Robert Matz

      • known issue: abrupt segues during turn handoff in combat

  • Unlockable portraits

    • Note: Not new portraits (sorry, we’ll add those later!)

    • Many of the existing portraits are now locked by default

    • Win portraits by defeating opponents

  • Card back and trim customization

    • You can now customize your card backs in the deck editor

    • This is a first-pass system, we’ll be adding much more variety in the future

  • Paths and Powers

    • Some of the functionality for Paths and Powers will poke through in this release

    • The system is non-functional at the moment, please ignore anything you see

    • The board will look like crud for a while as we cut it up to support the incoming features

  • Added new targeting arrow

  • Added new animation and UI when buying packs

  • Graphics resolution settings added to settings panel (Steam-only)

  • Volume controls in settings now change music and sfx volume

  • Added instructional hints the first time you enter the deck editor

  • Added help button to deck editor

  • Changed gating of whether or not you can get Seals to be based solely on whether or not you have the max number (5) as opposed to Weekly Chest cooldown

  • Support dragging past the lane when giving minions an attack order

  • Two-stage spell targeting now darkens the screen to better highlight valid targets

  • Added tooltips to the mana bar

  • Quantities in the top bar now count rather than updating instantly

  • Enchantment VFX in the back lane now appearing in the correct position

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from unzooming the graveyard via clicking off the card wheel

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent deck deletion

  • Fixed a bug in card histogram counts in deck editor

  • Fixed a bug where the make/unmake crafting buttons could apply to an unintended card when switching cards quickly while crafting

  • Fixed a bug with the sorting order of crafting VFX

  • Fixed a bug which could cause Gauntlet Draft to not transition automatically to Gauntlet Editor on completion

  • Fixed various bugs that could occur while drafting if the user picks a card while it is zooming or zoomed

  • Fixed an error when reloading applied tags when loading games

  • Stolen minions with Rush can act on the turn they’re stolen

  • Fixed various bugs with stolen minions gaining and losing abilities based from enchantments

  • Fixed a crash when stealing a minion with a sourced ability that is no longer in play

  • Fixed a bug where Breach wouldn’t trigger when attacking with a minion with Overrun into a minion with Lifetap if the lifetap amount exceeded the overrun damage.

  • Fixed page scrolling when dragging a card down off the edge of the game window

  • Fixed a bug where actionable minions incorrectly stop hovering after taking damage

  • Minizoom cards for minions now show their correct current power and health

  • Fixed a bug where minizoomed cards could appear in the wrong position

  • Added better tooltip positioning for artifacts and brands. Fixed a bug where artifact and brand tooltips wouldn’t be properly positioned when switching resolutions

  • Combat preview now correctly shows bounce icon when a blocking creature would be bounced

  • Fixed an issue that was hiding part of Hekate’s Wheel’s ability text

  • Jaunt should once again leave Teleport on the affected minion

  • Bug Fix: Godsbane Transport now properly applies armor to adjacent soldier minions already in play when it is first summoned


  • Bela, Witch Queen

    • SIZE: 2/3 → 2/4

  • Biker Bounce

    • NAME: Biker Bounce → Valkyrie Enforcer

    • TYPE: Kinetic Spell → Valkyrie Minion

    • COST: 1[B] → 4[B]B

    • SIZE: 2/2

    • ABILITY: Return a minion to its owner's hand. → Awaken: Return a minion in the opposing lane to its owner's hand.

This shifts Norden away from being quite as spell heavy, while also giving blue another Valkyrie to play with. Bounce was proving to be an essential early pressure enabler, which will prove to be somewhat out of character as factions and characteristics sharpen.

  • Bolt From the Blue

    • COST: 2[B] → 1[B]

    • TARGETING: Deal 1 damage → Deal 1 damage to a minion

  • Breath of Wintertide

    • COST: 4[B]B → 3[B]

  • Dream Weaver

    • SIZE: 3/3 → 3/4

  • Eir Healing

    • COST: 1[B] → 2[B]

    • HEALING: 2 → 3

  • Eirsdottir

    • SIZE: 0/3 → 1/3

  • False Mjölnir

    • DAMAGE: Equal to power → Equal to combat damage dealt

In theory, sharing damage calculation methods with Doublethink had some nice mechanical symmetry, but in practice, it was way too easy to rack up lethal damage.

  • Forked Lightning

    • COST: 2[B]B → 2[B]

  • Ice Spike

    • COST: 2[B] → 2[B]B

  • Lamia’s Kiss

    • COST: 3[R]R → 3[R]

    • NEW: Also grants Agile

  • Lord Valentine

    • COST: 7[R]RR → 6[R]R

    • ABILITY: Gets +1/+1 for each other Vampire in play. Gets +1/+1 after killing another minion in combat.

    • ABILITY: All Vampires turn other minions into Vampires when they deal damage to them in combat. → At the end of your turn, fully heal all Vampires you control.

Mythics are often aspirational, and the not-so-good lord’s fantasy of growing huge by infecting the board was a bit of a pipe dream. Valentine’s new identity, (while simpler) should be a more consistent threat while retaining some of that vampiric synergy.

  • Revolutionary Totem

    • SIZE: 0/6 → 0/5

  • Rune of Denial

    • MINION SUPPRESSION: Until your next turn → Permanent

  • Sea Lord’s Trident

    • COST: 2[R]R → 3[R]R

  • Seven Ring Ritual

    • HELLION SIZE: 3/2 → 3/1

  • Spellflux Cauldron

    • COST: 1[G] → 2[G]

    • BUFF: +1/+1 → +1/+0

    • TRIGGER: When you cast a spell or enchantment → When you cast a spell

Given the timing with which the buff falls off, this has always been a primarily offensive tool, but the temporary health was shutting down any hope of retaliatory damage equalizing trades.

  • Stormdottir’s Chosen

    • SIZE: X/4 → 3/3

    • ABILITY: Has power equal to the number of Valkyrie minions you control → Gets +1/+1 when one of your other Valkyries die

Since the Chosen’s gift was only impressive in a world where Temple Snakes and Cadets were also somehow Valkyries, we’ve tweaked her to be easier to capitalize on while hopefully sharpening the gang loyalty thematic.

  • Vilja Windfury

    • BLAST: 1 → 2

  • Volcanic Risi

    • COST: 7[B]BB → 7[B]B

    • SIZE: 8/7 → 8/8


  • Updated multiple buttons in the overall UI


  • Added more obvious gem glows for Mana Bar

  • Added VFX for warded effect

  • Added VFX for Mythril panels

  • Added VFX for claiming Daily Missions and Achievements

  • Bela, Witch Queen (Brand)

  • Godsbane Transport

  • Sovereign Architect

  • Melinoë Soul Shepherd

  • Firesong Prodigy

  • Rider Of Edda

  • Hopeless Necromantic

  • Born Again

  • Berserker Sickness (Revise)

  • Earthslide (Revise)

  • Leshey Green

  • Gemcutter Spider

  • Boneyard Abomination

  • Avenging Alpha

  • Koschei, The Deathless

  • Zolea, The Unclean (Ultimate),(Blight), (Buff)

  • Gemhold Dwarf

  • Ollama Ring

  • The Singing Stone

  • Revolutionary Totem

  • Lore Broker

  • Bragi Runesinger

  • Helm Of Conscription (Revise)

  • Sapo, The Devourer

  • The Stretcher (WIP)

  • Stray Panacea (Revise)

  • DamageFx (Revise)

  • Ensnaring Serpent (Revise)

  • Biker Bounce (Revise)

  • Jaunt (Revise)

  • Doublethink (Revise)

  • Einherjar Thane (Revise)

  • Stormdottir’s Chosen

  • Tailroot Wurm (Revise)


Patch Notes v0.6

2/28/2018 6:29:21 PM


  • Ranked League mode

    • Must be level 6 to participate

    • Four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Mythril (highest)

    • Each tier has 10 ranks (10 is highest)

    • Win 100 RP to advance in rank

    • You can’t lose RP in Bronze, but you can in the other tiers

    • Wins against evenly matched opponents get 30 RP

    • It’s possible to get matched against players queuing in Casual (the casual player won’t win or lose RP, but the ranked player will). This feature is Alpha only due to the small player population.

    • View league ladders in the League tab

    • View matches in the Action tab

      • See match replays by hitting the “eye” button next to each match!

    • Season end and rewards are still TBA

  • Added Gauntlet levels

    • Previous Gauntlet state will be cleared

    • Everyone will start at level 1

    • Beat the last opponent to advance to the next level

  • Deck editor histogram tooltips

  • We now show a “preview” icon if moving a minion would cause it to die or lose health.

  • Defender and Immobile can now be suppressed

  • Fixed a bug affecting the Weekly Chest timer

  • Currency displays in top bar now act as shortcuts to the appropriate page (Open Packs, Store, etc.)

  • Fixed rendering bug on Firefox that caused cards to appear transparent in collection view.

  • Fixed bug that caused some effects to be too dim when the “soft particles” graphics option was enabled.

  • Bug Fix: Lord Valentine’s ability now applies to vampires on the board when he’s summoned

  • Bug Fix: Seahaven’s Armor should now phasing on and off correctly

  • Bug Fix: Expiring buffs should no longer re-enable the bonuses from enchantments suppressed by Hekate’s Wheel

  • Bug Fix: Grim Narcoleptic interaction w/ Orbital Jamming Satellite

  • Bug Fix: Hekate’s wheel suppression interaction w/ temporary abilities

  • Bug Fix: Hekate’s wheel no longer suppresses itself

  • Bug Fix: Seahaven ability vis-a-vis current turn

  • Bug Fix: Laser Grid now correctly triggers based on target lane

  • Bug Fix: Things that are temporarily suppressed more than once now expire each individual suppression effect with the correct timing

  • Bug Fix: Fixed bugs related to Baba Yaga’s den interacting with suppression and hopeless necromantic

  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where tooltips for activated Empower abilities weren’t being shown

  • Bug Fix: Volkov Veteran’s empower ability is now grayed out once activated

  • Bug Fix: Minions with inherent Ephemeral now properly show the tooltip for Ephemeral

  • Bug Fix: Cards which “add a card to your hand” such as Firesong Prodigy no longer trip “on draw” triggers

  • Bug Fix: Count plates on cards in collection and editor should now be masked correctly

  • Bug Fix: Cards should no longer show duplicate types when a minion gets a type that it already has

  • Fixed jittering scroll views in portrait and deck selection

  • Double-clicking boneyard shouldn’t immediately unzoom

  • Added Slavic name generator for random gauntlet opponents

  • Added a few more possible gauntlet mob portraits

  • Slight improvements to the overall reconnect experience

  • Your player portrait in the combat view now plays the connection interrupted effect when your connection is disrupted


  • Doublethink

    • DAMAGE: Equal to combat damage dealt → Equal to power

Calculating the effects of Doublethink and False Mjölnir can be complicated, given they are non-combat damage procs that used to scale with combat damage dealt. By simply tying the damage to the amount of power a cursed minion has, hopefully you only have to think once to see that these spells are more effective against high threat minions.

  • False Mjölnir

    • DAMAGE: Equal to combat damage dealt → Equal to power

(See Doublethink above for context!)

  • Freki Sidecar

    • BUFF ADJACENT: +1/+0 and Rush → Just Rush

  • Ice Spike

    • TARGETING: Deal 3 damage. → Deal 3 damage to a minion.

In most cases, Ice Spike is best used on minions, (AI shenanigans aside!) especially given the Piercing property. So we’re taking this opportunity to switch its identity with Ignition a bit, giving that spell the minor ability to finish off a player with very low life instead.

  • Ignition

    • TARGETING: Deal 2 damage to a minion. → Deal 2 damage.

(See Ice Spike above for context!)

  • Jotun Shatterfist

    • SIZE: 4/9 → 3/9

    • DAMAGED BUFF: +1/+0 → +2/+0

  • Ourania Muse

    • STARTING ENERGY: 1 → 0

Delaying the celestial payoff by a turn should afford opponents more opportunities to mount an offensive before she draws the very tools that wind up protecting her.


  • Animated effects in various parts of the game: mythgard logo, escape menu logo, tooltip borders, crafting ui, etc.

  • New tree on game board


  • House Elf

  • Kara Mourningwives

  • Lamias Kiss Buff (revised)

  • Shadow Trapeze (revised)

  • Ruslan’s Bight (revised)

  • Mistwalker Gate (revised)

  • Field Of Poppies (revised)

  • Triassic Kraken

  • Ensnaring Serpent

  • Meso Libre

  • Firedart Frog

  • Enchantment Draw Card

  • Sacrificial Altar (revised)

  • Hekate’s Wheel (revised)

  • Clay Effigy (revised)

  • Bulwark (revised)

  • Isle Of Buyan (revised)

  • Belovode (revised)

  • Beimeni Falls (revised)

  • Incubation Chamber

  • Laser Grid Attack

  • Ravenous She

  • Wonder Drug

  • Maelstrom (revised)

  • Orpheum Of Horrors

  • Temple At Delphi

  • Fated Firebird

  • Stairway To Hades (revised)

  • Goliath’s Web

  • Enchanteater

  • Faun Of Decay

  • The Recursionist

  • Volkov Veteran

  • Bela, Witch Queen

  • Ichor Feast (revised timing)


Patch Notes v0.5

2/8/2018 6:14:56 PM


  • Progress in latest Brawl *or* Story mode game is now saved. The stored in-progress game can be resumed via the Quick Launch. Starting a new Brawl or Story mode game from the menu overwrites the stored game.

  • Added “Reset in-progress games” button to Game Options menu to allow Alpha testers to clear broken save games.

  • Increased turn timer to 90 seconds (was 70 seconds)

  • Added missions to lead new players through the features of the game. Daily missions now unlock after completing the story.

  • Fixed bug that would prevent saved games from restoring correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Hopeless Necromantic killed by Doublethink from resurrecting a minion.

  • Fixed some bugs with invoking the art gallery when zoomed on a minion and a card at the same time.

  • Fixed a sorting error where the weekly chest glow drew above the coin amount.

  • Added mythic card packs.

  • Added single card rewards for first three wins of the day. Reduced daily mission rewards, trickle gold cap, and weekly chest rewards to compensate. Note: this change should have a small net positive effect on how quickly all players collect cards, with a significant benefit for more casual players.

  • Added more tooltips to the deck editor, including a tooltip explaining minimum deck size and maximums for each card by rarity.

  • Fixed tooltip for Blight to correctly show the value

  • Added Awaken tooltip to Magnus Thorsson

  • Fixed Ultra-HD initial mode detection on first start.

  • The Ultra-HD mode control in the graphics options now works correctly.

  • Fixed bug that could cause the player’s hand to get stuck if the connection to the server was closed and reconnected.

  • Fixed bug that could cause game canvas to be sized too large and cover “fullscreen” link.

  • Fixed black rectangle covering card art in mini-cards that appear inside tooltips.

  • Fixed vfx left on board after casting Led Astray.

  • Crafting and card info panels now size and position better with lower screen aspect ratios. Added toggle between tooltips and crafting panels in cases where both don’t fit on screen at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug impacting targeting a card in the boneyard while the boneyard is in the process of animating out from a previous selection.

  • Fixed a gauntlet bug where decks from the previous gauntlet could carry over to the next.

  • Game history is now restored when resuming games.

  • Game history now shows mini-cards with mouse over.

  • Fixed a bug where killing Duskwing Angel on Stairway to Hades in combat would cause a game desync.

  • Graphic settings are saved between sessions. Added shadow quality and soft particle settings.

  • Blood Moon’s effect should now apply to minions that are created after the spell is cast

  • Improved frame rate by ~15%


  • Ankle Biter

    • BREACH: Gets +1/+0 → +2/+0

  • Awakened Huntress

    • NEW: Added → Alpha Strike

Getting Freki Huntress fed should feel rewarding, and it was underwhelming that her transformation caused her to forget how to strike first.

  • Dashing Ringmaster

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 2/2

    • NEW: Added → Lurker

  • Extract Life

    • COST: X[R]RR → X[R]R

  • Grim Narcoleptic

    • SIZE: 3/4 → 4/4

    • DEBUFF: -3/-0 → -4/-0

That habit of “falling asleep” during your opponent’s turn is enough of a weakness that there’s room to give these fangs a bit more bite.

  • Maze of Iyatiku

    • SIZE: 0/2 → 0/3

  • Obligation

    • NEW: Added → Minion gets ‘(2): Loses Defender until its next turn’

    • CUT: Draw a card. → Removed

The lynchpin of stalling out games and clogging lanes with minions that have forgotten how to attack, for “soft” removal Obligation was making it very hard to punish yellow control. The high card efficiency left little room to preserve its identity as a spell that could be used tactically on either side of the board.

  • The Stretcher

    • COST: 3[R]RR → 3[R]R

  • Ved’ma Flamespar

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 0/2

\tProjecting lots of control and pressure through mana expenditure alone, so she probably doesn’t need to threaten opponents with a stray point of power on top of that.


  • VFX added: Pack Mentality, Doublethink, Bob “Banzai” Vaquero, Spellflux Cauldron, Sablewing Zira, Gamayun, Alkonost, The Black Hatter, Academy Analyst, Skilled Hacktivist, Panic Raider, Twin Blanque, Twin Junah, Grinning Kolobok, Ankle Biter, The Invisible City, Bald Mountain, Bold Omega, Poxbringer, Venomfang Mutant, Bog Basilisk, Carny Lug, Harvest Behemoth, Vibrant Quetzal, Stray Panacea, Grease Monkey, Riot Guard, Cornered Wildcat, Volkov Pointman, Road Queen, Vicious Cycle