Patch notes v0.16.1

9/18/2019 6:05:01 PM

It’s a patch, boys! Introducing Patch 0.16.1, which, fingers crossed, will be the patch that takes us to Open Beta. As foretold.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Players now receive experience for PvP losses

  • Added new “elite” missions as well as additional fixed missions, some of which can award non-color restricted wild cards

  • Added new portraits to level rewards

  • Portraits selector now shows the name and level at which each portrait is unlocked

  • Notification icon now appears on profile button when there are Maat rewards to collect

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent a player from editing certain decks or performing crafting operations

  • Fixed a bug where copying a deck would overwrite the source deck

  • Horizontal non-slug deck editor should now work again

  • Fixed a bug where deck and card collection views can become unresponsive when using the card search filter

  • If you set a favorite cardback or trim, it now automatically sets all decks that were set to your previous favorite cardback or trim to the new one

  • Card back selector now shows the name of each card material / trim

  • Client should now restore the last used window size for custom window sizes on restart

  • Cards in the pack opening screen are now zoomed with mouse wheel or double-tap

  • Fixed an issue that was causing drastically lower framerates on MacOS when in full screen

  • Arena card choices now adapt to your previous picks

  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial if the player burns a card before instructed to do so

  • Blast tooltip now reads “after striking” as opposed to “after attacking” to make the distinction that when a minion with Blast attacking a minion with Alpha Strike that dies before striking doesn’t trigger its Blast effect

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the banish combat preview to sometimes be shown in place of the bounce preview

  • Fixed a bug where a card’s energy would not be properly updated when bounced to hand

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the AI to cheat and play Draugr opposite an empty lane

  • Fixed interaction of minions with “created with” abilities (Armageddon Angel, Avenging Alpha, Back Alley Ronin, Gemcutter Spider, Leshy Greene, et al) vis-à-vis Dashing Ringmaster

  • If all defenders are killed via pre-combat effects (Knives in the Dark, Enchanteater), the attack now carries over to the defending player

  • Fixed a bug where Zolea’s brand wasn’t triggering

  • Fixed a bug when playing Baku Bogeyman on Five Spirit Gate

  • Possible fix to a reported bug regarding Solomon’s Gale played on Oil Field returned to hand with Temptation

Known Issues

  • Tournaments are NYI

  • Guilds are NYI



  • 6[B]BB → 6[B]B

  •  → Has Regen 1 while occupying an enchantment 

Norn Datacore

  • Gain temporary mana equal to 🗲, then lose that much 🗲 → For every 2🗲 gain (1) temporary mana, then lose that much 🗲

Ring of Eternity (generated by Celestial Dragon)

  • (1) → (3)

Note that this should be a small buff to Celestial Dragon, given the Ring is something your opponent gets to cast.

Serendipity Ifreet

  • When you draw a card, deals 1 damage to you → you lose 1 life


  • Take control of an enemy minion with mana cost (6) → (5) or less...

Crafting Refunds

Even though the rate of change has already slowed down as we exit alpha, tuning individual cards is always going to be a vital balancing tool that we need to be prepared to wield responsibly.

  • Accounts that made or unmade Celestial Dragon, Hyperborean, Norn Datacore, or Temptation within the last seven days (server time) will find that they can undo those individual crafting decisions for the full Essence values if they do so within seven days of their initial crafting operation.

(Note this only applies to operations within the deck limit, and UI for telegraphing and supporting crafting refunds is still being developed, this is a just a good opportunity to test the system during beta.)


  • Art updated for several cards, including Decoy, and Biting Blade

Updates beyond those listed above are still works in progress, but are reflective of the overall art direction.


Patch Notes v16

9/10/2019 5:03:57 PM