Patch Notes v0.17.2

11/22/2019 8:08:53 PM

Patch 0.17.2 demonstrates the beginnings of what we believe to be a ship-quality UI, aesthetically speaking. It also contains the next iteration of our draft mode, as well as a giant list of balance changes, many of which are buffs to under-utilized cards.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Visual update to UI

    • Note that the UI is a work in progress and there’s still plenty of work to do

  • Added deck list and deck export functionality to Twitch overlay

    • See Known Issues

  • New draft experience (both Gauntlet and Arena)

    • 6 cards > 5. The draft screen is now a vertical layout to accommodate the increased number of cards

    • 3 paths and 3 powers are shown at the beginning of the draft - all of them are added to your draft collection

    • Removed adaptive color matching in favor of boost and cull cards that allow you to curate your card colors yourself. The first boost card increases the chances of a color by 100% and the second increases the chances of that color by 200%. The first cull card reduces the chances of a color by 50% and the second reduces it to 0%.

    • A given pick slot can now contain more than one card

    • Arena bonus drafts are now 3 rounds instead of 5

  • Arena mode now gives more rules information, including current banked winnings. Added bonus coin for 7, 8, and 9 wins.

  • Added “CLEAR” button to deck editor

  • Added a new puzzle, courtesy of Navy Seagull

  • Puzzle Importer (all platforms except WebGL)

    • Unfortunately, a full-fledged puzzle editor is out of scope for the time being. However, for people willing to do some text editing, we’ve added a puzzle importer as an intermediate step.

    • See the #puzzles channel in our Discord for file format

  • End of first Beta season extended to Dec 20 (from Dec 8) to better accommodate patch schedule (note this is still not a final date)

  • Coin cap is raised by 1000 for each $1 spent supporting the game. You can see your own coin cap in the player profile panel

  • Added vfx to call attention to Maat button (see Known Issues)

  • Fixed bug where gem highlights when threatening to cast a card were occasionally wrong

  • Collector achievement now works again

  • Fixed a bug where card text for the Depletion event card was not being displayed

  • Fixed ordering inconsistency originally reported as Daring Trapezists on Orpheum of Horrors attacking into Einherjar Thane

  • Fixed bug where Stubborn Tengu dying doesn’t trigger certain demise effects

  • Fixed bug where Stubborn Tengu doesn’t get its awaken ability back when removing in play abilities if it has a permanent ability modifier

  • Fixed bug when replacing enchantments while War Fan is in effect

  • Fixed a bug where Fated Firebird dying and returning to hand wasn’t triggering other demise effects on board

  • Stacking keyword is no longer suppressible (fixes bug when casting a stacking artifact while Loki’s Veil is in effect)

  • Decreased the mission requirement for Aztlan VIII (Build for the Ages) Faction Mission to 12

  • Increased the mission requirement for Aztlan II (Pauahtun) Faction Mission to 18

  • Fixed a bug where conceding counted towards completing Oberos III (Sanguine) Faction Mission

Known Issues

  • Tournaments are NYI

  • Guilds are NYI

  • Card material/trim customization panel has visual bugs (iOS only)

  • Maat button left the building (iOS only)

  • ‘Protect’ power shows up when viewing Paths & Powers in the Collection. Please pretend that’s not there

  • Twitch overlay will be broken until the new one gets approved by AMZN (word is that twitch overlay approval can take as long as two weeks, so we’re in their hands)

Path Tuning

Rainbow’s End

  • Starting life: +7 → +5

Bringing Rainbow down a little now that Leprechaun’s Coin has done a good job of narrowing the performance gap between going first and second.

Card Tuning

Cards marked with * will be refundable for essence for one week after the patch. Note that this is not a policy change - we decided that our usual crafting history duration needed to be extended beyond one week, and implemented that change for this patch as well. However, because the extension isn’t retroactive, we decided to change how refunds work for this patch only.

Avenging Alpha*

  • 4[G] → 4[G]G

Bald Mountain*

  • While occupied, your spells have their mana cost reduced by (1) → Removed

  • Return a spell... cost: (2)▼ → (1)▼

Blood Idol

  • 3[Y] → 2[Y]

  • 1/7 → 1/4

  • Armor 1

Bob “Banzai” Vaquero

  • Draw and reveal a card, dealing damage to your opponent → anyone equal to its mana cost

Bragi Runesinger*

  • Give another minion Frenzy cost: 2🗲▽ → 3🗲

Canine Cavalry

  • 2[B]G → 3[B]G

  • Has +2/+2 while occupying an enchantmentAwaken: Give adjacent minions +1/+1

Compulsory Curse

  • Give a minion 'Demise: Deal 3 damage to adjacent minions' → 'At the end of its turn, deal 1 damage to its controller and adjacent minions'

Daeva of the Wastes

  • 4/4 → 5/5


  • [Demise]: Gain (2) temporary mana and draw a card → (3)

Demolition Speedway*

  • 2[B] → 2[B]B

Deported (generated by Detained*)

  • 2G → 2GG

Desertification Engine

  • Enchants its lane with a Desert… cost: → ▽

Dissonant Drone

  • All other → Enemy minions have -1/-0 during your opponent's turn


  • → (1)▼: Put the top card of your deck in the boneyard


  • 5[B]B → 7[B]BB

  • 7/4 → 6/6

  • Can only be played opposite an enemy minion → Gets +3/+3 until end of turn when attacking for the first time each turn


  • At end of turn, restore 1 health to all your minions → fully heal adjacent minions

Enyo, Murder’s Muse

  • If she has 8 or more health, empower with [Frenzy] and [Immortal] cost: → ▽

Familia Sprite

  • 3G[P] → 2G[P]

Fire Eater*

  • Deal 1 damage to anyone cost: → (1)▽

Fleeting Thunderbird

  • 5/3 → 2/5

  • Overrun → 0🗲

  • Breach: Returns to owner's hand and gets +1/+1 permanentlyAwaken: +1🗲 for every card in your opponent's hand

  • → ▼: Deal damage to your opponent equal to 🗲 and return to owner's hand


  • 2[O] → 2[O]O

God of Gamers

  • 6[P]P → 5[P]P


  • Demise: Draw a card → Add a 0/3 Maze of Iyatiku to your hand

Hoarding Hero

  • 1/1 → 2/2

Howling Abyssal

  • All players discard until they have five or less cards in hand → All players discard until they have four or less cards in hand

Kite Glider

  • 3[P] → 2[P]

Koschei, the Deathless

  • -1🗲 When your opponent creates a minion → Removed


  • Added → 2🗲 and Lurker

  • Breach: Banish the top two cards of your opponent's deck → 🗲 cards of your opponent's deck, then +1🗲

Master of Shadows

  • 2/5 → 1/1

  • Immortal

Meso Libre*

  • 3/4 → 3/3

Mind Freak

  • Look at an enemy player's hand and choose a card. It becomes Ephemeral and its mana cost increases by (2) → (3)


  • ... 'Demise: Deal 2 damage...' → Deal 1 damage 

Night Hag

  • Awaken: A minion in the opposite lane is Stunned until Night Hag moves or → leaves play

Night Market

  • 3[P] → 2[P]

  • Occupying minion has 'Breach: Gain (2) temporary mana' → If occupied at the end of your turn, randomly add a Divine Compass, Powerful Ramen, or Squire Pike item to your hand

Notarize Reality

  • ...Give the top 4 cards of a friendly deck +1/+0 → +1/+1 and Zealot permanently if they are minions

Panic Raider*

  • Breach: Gets -1/-1 and you lose 1 life and draw a card.

Parsa Divinity Cannon

  • Immobile → Removed

Perfect Grade

  • Slayer 2Armor 2


  • 5[G]G 3[G]G, OR Banish the bottom 5 cards of an enemy boneyard

Plague Maidens

  • 4Y[G] → 3Y[G]


  • Search your deck for a card that has already been burned… cost: (1)RG▽ → (1)▽

Quicksand Hourglass

  • Stacking → Removed

  • Awaken: Choose one of your lanes without notifying opponents →▽: Choose one of your lanes without notifying opponents

The pattern of activation and deception developed for Imperative Bell has been working out, so let’s see how sneaky an hourglass that can shift lanes once per turn can be.

Radiant Vessel

  • 2/3 → 3/3

Resupply Caravan*

  • Has +2/+2 while occupying a Desert enchantment → Removed

  • 2/2 → 3/3

  • Awaken: Give adjacent minions a standard action → if they are occupying a Desert enchantment

Rewind Hex*

  • 1[G] → 2[G]

Riot Guard

  • After defending in combat, the attacking → After combat, the enemy minion is [Stunned] until the end of its next turn

Salt the Fields

  • 3[O]OO → 2[O]O

  • All lanes opposite your Desert enchantments are enchanted with Deserts, replacing any existing enchantments → Enemy enchantments opposite your Desert enchantments are replaced with Deserts

Sariel of Enoch

  • 5[O] → 5[O]O

  • 2/5 → 3/6

Scourge of Serpents

  • 2[Y]Y → 4[Y]Y

  • Create a 1/1 Temple Snake → 2/2 Striking Viper with Alpha Strike in every unoccupied lane opposite an enemy minion

Serapis, False Apostle

  • 2/6 → 3/6

Shadhavar Beast

  • Minions in the opposing three lanes have -1/-0 →  and Fragile 1


  • 1/1 → 1/2

  • Focused 1Swift

Stone Mother

  • 3[B] → 2[B]

Sweet Spinnerette

  • Awaken: Give another minion → -1/-0 and Ephemeral

The Invisible City

  • Occupying minion has Lurker and 'Demise: Your opponent gains 2 life' → Removed

Thriving Shade

  • 3/3 → 4/4

Týr Monomund

  • Focused 2Frenzy

  • Gets Frenzy until end of turn when another minion dies on your turnDemise: Returns to owner's hand if it attacked this turn

Venomfang Mutant

  • 1/3 → 1/4

Vibrant Quetzal

  • 2/1 → 2/2


  • 2[Y] → 3[Y]

Wake the Bones*

  • → Returned minion gets Ephemeral.

Wendish Giant

  • 4[G]G → 4[G]

Whitemoon Arena

  • → Occupying minion has +1/+1 for every duel this enchantment has won

Wings of Abbadon*

  • Overrun → Removed

  • Sacrifice one of your other minions… cost: (2) → ▽

Wok Shield (generated by Battle Chef)

  • Give a friendly minion +0/+2 and Regen 1 → +0/+1, Armor 1, and Regen 1

Wonder Drug

  • If you have 7 → 8 or less life, double this effect to 8 life and 2 cards

Yana Virus

  • Give a minion Blight 1 and → ‘At end of turn and Demise: Infects adjacent minions with the Yana Virus’

By making it spread at the end of the infected’s turn in addition to death, managing the disease through positioning should be less of a cake walk.

Zen Archer

  • 1/3 → 1/4


  • Card art updated for Zen Archer and Tong Foot Soldiers


Patch Notes v0.16.3

10/25/2019 7:58:43 PM