Patch Notes v0.5

2/8/2018 6:14:56 PM


  • Progress in latest Brawl *or* Story mode game is now saved. The stored in-progress game can be resumed via the Quick Launch. Starting a new Brawl or Story mode game from the menu overwrites the stored game.

  • Added “Reset in-progress games” button to Game Options menu to allow Alpha testers to clear broken save games.

  • Increased turn timer to 90 seconds (was 70 seconds)

  • Added missions to lead new players through the features of the game. Daily missions now unlock after completing the story.

  • Fixed bug that would prevent saved games from restoring correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Hopeless Necromantic killed by Doublethink from resurrecting a minion.

  • Fixed some bugs with invoking the art gallery when zoomed on a minion and a card at the same time.

  • Fixed a sorting error where the weekly chest glow drew above the coin amount.

  • Added mythic card packs.

  • Added single card rewards for first three wins of the day. Reduced daily mission rewards, trickle gold cap, and weekly chest rewards to compensate. Note: this change should have a small net positive effect on how quickly all players collect cards, with a significant benefit for more casual players.

  • Added more tooltips to the deck editor, including a tooltip explaining minimum deck size and maximums for each card by rarity.

  • Fixed tooltip for Blight to correctly show the value

  • Added Awaken tooltip to Magnus Thorsson

  • Fixed Ultra-HD initial mode detection on first start.

  • The Ultra-HD mode control in the graphics options now works correctly.

  • Fixed bug that could cause the player’s hand to get stuck if the connection to the server was closed and reconnected.

  • Fixed bug that could cause game canvas to be sized too large and cover “fullscreen” link.

  • Fixed black rectangle covering card art in mini-cards that appear inside tooltips.

  • Fixed vfx left on board after casting Led Astray.

  • Crafting and card info panels now size and position better with lower screen aspect ratios. Added toggle between tooltips and crafting panels in cases where both don’t fit on screen at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug impacting targeting a card in the boneyard while the boneyard is in the process of animating out from a previous selection.

  • Fixed a gauntlet bug where decks from the previous gauntlet could carry over to the next.

  • Game history is now restored when resuming games.

  • Game history now shows mini-cards with mouse over.

  • Fixed a bug where killing Duskwing Angel on Stairway to Hades in combat would cause a game desync.

  • Graphic settings are saved between sessions. Added shadow quality and soft particle settings.

  • Blood Moon’s effect should now apply to minions that are created after the spell is cast

  • Improved frame rate by ~15%


  • Ankle Biter

    • BREACH: Gets +1/+0 → +2/+0

  • Awakened Huntress

    • NEW: Added → Alpha Strike

Getting Freki Huntress fed should feel rewarding, and it was underwhelming that her transformation caused her to forget how to strike first.

  • Dashing Ringmaster

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 2/2

    • NEW: Added → Lurker

  • Extract Life

    • COST: X[R]RR → X[R]R

  • Grim Narcoleptic

    • SIZE: 3/4 → 4/4

    • DEBUFF: -3/-0 → -4/-0

That habit of “falling asleep” during your opponent’s turn is enough of a weakness that there’s room to give these fangs a bit more bite.

  • Maze of Iyatiku

    • SIZE: 0/2 → 0/3

  • Obligation

    • NEW: Added → Minion gets ‘(2): Loses Defender until its next turn’

    • CUT: Draw a card. → Removed

The lynchpin of stalling out games and clogging lanes with minions that have forgotten how to attack, for “soft” removal Obligation was making it very hard to punish yellow control. The high card efficiency left little room to preserve its identity as a spell that could be used tactically on either side of the board.

  • The Stretcher

    • COST: 3[R]RR → 3[R]R

  • Ved’ma Flamespar

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 0/2

Projecting lots of control and pressure through mana expenditure alone, so she probably doesn’t need to threaten opponents with a stray point of power on top of that.


  • VFX added: Pack Mentality, Doublethink, Bob “Banzai” Vaquero, Spellflux Cauldron, Sablewing Zira, Gamayun, Alkonost, The Black Hatter, Academy Analyst, Skilled Hacktivist, Panic Raider, Twin Blanque, Twin Junah, Grinning Kolobok, Ankle Biter, The Invisible City, Bald Mountain, Bold Omega, Poxbringer, Venomfang Mutant, Bog Basilisk, Carny Lug, Harvest Behemoth, Vibrant Quetzal, Stray Panacea, Grease Monkey, Riot Guard, Cornered Wildcat, Volkov Pointman, Road Queen, Vicious Cycle


Patch Notes v0.4

1/18/2018 12:45:13 AM

Patch Notes (v0.4.0.20) (01/17/2017)


  • Improved text rendering for many of our fonts, especially card text.

  • Game window should size with the browser window.

  • New players can play without registering for an account.

  • Application should no longer respond to mouse events while the application is not focused

  • Added a reliable messaging layer which should improve the way the game handles disconnects, especially outside of combat.

  • Achievement progress should now be awarded even when you have no daily missions

  • The main menu player profile deck icon now updates properly when you use the deck selector to change your equipped deck

  • Added Story launch panel (You can now replay completed missions)

  • Added Brawl launch panel

  • Added tooltips for main menu

  • Game modes now unlock at various levels (Brawl: 3, Gauntlet: 4, Vs Casual: 3)

  • The game now gives proper rewards for perfect gauntlet completion

  • Added mini-zoom for top card in boneyard on mouse over

  • Improved size and position of buttons when selecting cards for divination, discard, and boneyard targeting at high resolution.

  • Disallow user from ending their turn on turn one without burning (Story mode only)

  • Changed syntax of turn history tooltips

  • After a battle, players have the option to either replay, go to the next battle, or return to the main menu, depending on context

  • Improved effects when opening packs of cards to better convey rarity

  • Added scroll arrows to Deck Editor and Card Collection

  • Crafting is now enabled in the deck editor

  • Crafting: confirmation box when you try to unmake a card that’s in one of your decks

  • Crafting: updates decks when unmaking a card

  • Crafting: if you unmake a card that you just made (or vice versa), you now get a full refund

  • Enabled background blur effect on zoom, etc

  • Fixed vfx on player portrait

  • Player panel deck now colors invalid decks in red

  • Improved visuals for portrait and deck selection

  • Player profile experience now indicates progress to next level

  • Fixed gauntlet node highlighting

  • Replaced placeholder panel divider in draft screen with art

  • Fixed text that Belovode adds to minions suggesting combat damage is reduced to 0

  • Fixed the tooltip on Academy Analyst displaying info for Divination 3 instead of 4


  • Máni, Queen of Tides

    • COST: 5[B]BR → 5[B]R

  • Maze of Iyatiku

    • ABILITY COST: Sap 2 → Sap 3

The corn! An early, (and arguably saner) version of Maze could only ever harvest two cards over time, but we like its current growth mechanic and potential, so the time has come to slow down the incredible card bounty.

  • Hopeless Necromantic

    • Demise: Is replaced by the bottom minion of your boneyard.  →  Demise: Is replaced by the bottom minion of your boneyard. That minion gains Ephemeral.

  • Ourania Muse

    • COST: 3[R]RR → 3[R]R

  • Sapo, the Devourer

    • SIZE: 7/7 → 6/6

  • Sovereign Architect

    • SIZE: 3/6 → 2/6

You were hitting pretty hard for a summoner-type, plus there’s some nice symmetry to sharing a power value with your impish minions!

  • Striking Viper

    • COST: 2[Y] → 2[Y]Y


  • Weekly Chest UI seals now have more refined seating/framing.

  • Further rendering polish on default combat game board.

  • Added FX for Orbital Jamming Satellite artifact

  • New click indicator UI effect

  • Updated Pack opening FX to differentiate between rarity

  • Updated Frenzy glow on creature blades

  • Updated fireworks FX in store/missions/rewards panel

  • Added crafting FX for make/unmake card

  • VFX: Stun, Immortal, Dashing Ringmaster, Dragon’s Teeth, Jotun Shatterfist, Junkyard Valhalla, Model of Duality, Samosek the Living Sword, Sea Lord’s Trident, Tailroot Wurm, Brising Necklace, Helm of Conscription, and Serpent Den

Known Issues

  • The first time “Are you new to collectible card games?” dialog may erroneously asking more than once per account

  • On login, user name entry may be case sensitive

Next Patch

  • Fixed Ultra-HD initial mode detection on first start.

  • The Ultra-HD mode control in the graphics options now works correctly.


Patch Notes v0.3.0.22

12/14/2017 8:25:24 PM


  • First-pass turn history (more to come later)

  • First-pass on crafting

  • First-pass card lore

  • Wonder Drug fixed to award the right number of cards at the right life thresholds

  • The Long Winter now correctly stuns opposing minions (shout out to JimmyJosh!)

  • The effect from Obligation should now overlap with other instances of Defender to prevent bad interactions like Baba Yaga’s Den

  • Fixed an attack bug involving creatures cursed by Alkonost

  • Fixed a bug where Marching Orders wouldn’t break Night Hag’s stun

  • Fixed a bug where Marching Orders would cause enchantment effects to double-up

  • Garden of Iriy’s ability no longer applies to minions that move out of the garden

  • Fixed a bug where the AI could use activated abilities while stunned

  • Fixed bug that stopped gauntlet progression

  • Fixed Gauntlet draft sometimes skipping picking cards

  • Fixed searching for keyword text with spaces (life tap, regen 1)

  • Improved speed of card search

  • Extra attacks can now be issued between when the game ends and when the victory/defeat overlay appears

  • Added more UI sound effects

  • Increased size of lock icon in Card Collection / Editor

  • Moved currency icons in the title bar to right-hand side of their respective fields

  • Achievements notification should no longer observe deprecated achievements

  • Completed achievements sort to the top of the list

  • AI is now slightly less likely to make “useless” moves

  • Reduced difficulty of Response Squad and Scruffy Vampire story decks

  • New notification icon in the main menu and in (single player) combat to let you know when another player is waiting in the multiplayer matching queue. Go fight!


  • Ankle Biter

    • TAGS: Vampire → Vampire Canine

  • Blood Idol

    • SIZE: 1/6 → 1/7

  • Dissonant Drone

    • COST: 4[Y]R → 3[Y]R

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 1/3

  • Golden Axolotl

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 1/1

The terrifying early game salamander gets a little easier to respond to.

  • Jotun Shatterfist

    • SIZE: 3/9 → 4/9

  • Magpyre Enforcer

    • ADDED: Slayer 2, Piercing

    • REMOVED: Alpha Strike, Life Tap

    • SUIT UP: Armor 1 → Armor 2

The Enforcer and Strigoi Reaver are the vanguards for a cycle of 4-cost 3-ability 2/2 minions that aren’t powerhouses on their own, but just begging to be embiggened by spells and enchantments.

  • Strigoi Reaver

    • NEW: Life Tap

  • Timberland Troll

    • SIZE: 4/5 → 4/4

Whittling down that impressive longevity a bit given their cost and commonality.

  • Valkyrie Tough

    • COST: 2[B] → 2[B]B

  • Volcanic Risi

    • ABILITY: Blast 1 → Blast 3


  • New default card back

  • Tweaked game board

  • New ability icons added for Slayer, Piercing, Breach, and Fragile

  • Weekly chest panel in store now shows how many Seals you have collected

  • Added FX to weekly chest and emblems

  • Updated store art

  • PVP notification icon added

  • Changed Bounce fx to match game board colors

  • Added Blast, Einherjar Thane, Vodnik Informer, Wake The Bones FX

  • Updated Fire Eater, Isle of Buyan, Nazca Memorial, SeaFire, Ved’ma Flamespar FX

  • Updated escape menu FX


Patch Notes v0.2.0.10

12/13/2017 6:17:50 PM


  • FFA supplement achievements have been changed to award for total wins instead of daily missions completed. This should allow players to earn a starting pool of cards of all 4 colors more quickly.
  • Gauntlet now gives rewards, including the possibility for a seal (collect 5 seals to open the Weekly Chest).
  • Seals now have model, texture, and animation instead of being untextured white cubes.
  • Updated graphics for Weekly Chest.
  • Increased hit points and initiative for later stage Gauntlet opponents.
  • Fixed an issue that could block all Gauntlet progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu wouldn’t appear when returning to the home screen.
  • When returning to the home screen, menu is now restored to its prior state.
  • Story rewards should no longer give an unintended number of cards.
  • Fixed a language bug that preventing some locales from playing.
  • Improved game loading speed and bandwidth usage by splitting the game into smaller, cacheable files.
  • Changed the minimum legal deck size to the lesser of the preset minimum deck size based on level and the starting deck size + one-fifth of the cards that you’ve collected, (hopefully ameliorating a blocker where players could out-level their collection).
  • Added error messaging for login attempts with an invalid account.
  • Increased the client disconnect tolerance to reduce disconnects on laggy connections.
  • Added a failsafe game exit on server desynch.
  • Fixed a bug preventing AIs from activating artifacts.
  • Refresh actionable state for minions after gaining or losing mana.
  • Adjusted position and size of marquee text to be less obnoxious.
  • Adjusted height of dragged cards to be above hovering minions.
  • Added Tree of Life and Angel of Death figurines to the game board.
  • Animated water and lava pools on game board.
  • Added effects to better communicate gems that will be used by selected card.
  • Adjusted deck and graveyard positions to align better to the game board.
  • Adjusted texture filtering that was causing blurrier than necessary card art.
  • Banishing a minion with Immortal should no longer crash the game.
  • Sovereign Architect’s activated ability no longer invalidates the game state.
  • Imps created by Sovereign Architect have Agile as advertised.
  • Vedma Skyranger now loses her buffs at the end of the turn as intended.
  • Dead Man’s Eyes correctly awards just 1 card and 2 life when flipping heads.
  • Ravine Guardian and Grim Narcoleptic are granted their abilities when created during an opponent’s turn. (shout out to JimmyJosh!)
  • Added Rhino Games splash screen during initial asset load.
  • Reduced the oppressive size of the achievements claim button.
  • Fixed gallery permissions during Gauntlet draft.
  • Added more QuickLaunch notifications.
  • Added and adjusted a large variety of sounds and visual effects. (see below)


  • Poxbringer
    • COST: 3[Y] → 2[Y]
    • The slower way in which Blight kills bigger threats affords Poxbringer space to be created more easily.
  • Wonder Drug
    • COST: 3[Y] → 3[Y]Y
    • EFFECT: 5 life, doubled if 5 or below → 4 life and 1 card, doubled if 7 or below
    • For a Rare, Wonder Drug’s comeback potential wasn’t high enough to warrant inclusion in anything but a life gaining mission farm deck. With card efficiency in the mix, a slower deck might actually draw something to turn a match around, instead of simply delaying the inevitable.
  • Sacrificial Altar
    • OCCUPYING MINION DECAY: -0/-2 → -1/-1
    • RESTRICTION: if power is 3 or greater → Removed
    • MASS MINION BUFF: +1/+0 → +1/+1
    • Setting up profitable altar plays is tricky enough that it shouldn’t result in a net board threat decrease, so we’re lifting the power restriction and really pushing that Meso fantasy of decay leading to limitless growth.
  • Academy Analyst
    • COST: 3[G]G → 3[G]
    • ABILITY: Divination 3 → Divination 4
    • Given the increased time and energy spent on an Analyst as compared to other scrying options, there’s room for her to see with a little more clarity.
  • Skilled Hacktivist
    • SIZE: 1/4 → 1/3
    • NEW: Lurker
  • Academy Recruitment
    • COST: 3[G]G → 3[G]
  • Beimeni Falls
    • COST: 2[Y]Y → 2[Y]
  • Blood Idol
    • COST: 3[Y]Y → 3[Y]
  • Orbital Jamming Satellite
    • COST: 4[Y]Y → 3[Y]
  • Gemcutter Spider
    • COST: 2[Y] → 3[Y]YY
  • Cerberus Unchained
    • COST: 7[R]RR → 6[R]RR
  • Traitorous Murmur
    • COST: 7[G]GG → 6[G]GG
  • Mavka
    • COST: 2[G] → 2[G]G
  • The Recursionist
    • COST: 3B[G] → 2B[G]
  • VFX

    Added new VFX, modified or revised:

    • New 3D particle effects
    • Added animated birds to main menu
    • Added particle effects for Enchantments Demolition Speedway,Sea Haven, Garden Of Iriy
    • Modified particle effects for Enchantments (Ruslan’ Bight, Stairway to Hades)
    • Added particle systems for spells (Stone mother, Melpomene Muse, Buff minion effect, Dora, Night Hag, Stone Mother)
    • Modified particle systems for spells (Ice Spike, Alacrity, Cataclysm, Thunderclap, Stunned Effect, Calliope Muse,Yana Virus,Blight)
    • Modified particle systems for UI/GUI (Rewards screen fireworks)
    • Cleaner look for targeted token effect
    • New UI effects for better user feedback in combat scene
    • Updated Rewards VFX sequence
    • Added Effects to indicate when a player is disconnected
    • Optimized textures


    Sounds updated for a variety of cards, including but not limited to: Academy Recruitment, Circle of Protection, Hacker’s Intuition, Ourania Muse, Focused Frenzy, Pack Mentality, Foul Harvest, Volition, Splicing Lab, Rewind Hex, Hysterical Strength, Melpomene Muse, Lamia’s Kiss, Orpheum of Horrors, Honed Edge, Blood Moon, Black Cadejo, Bulwark, Serpent Den, Magmataur, Dora, Marching Orders, Sacrificial Altar, Pandemic, Ignition, Brising Necklace, Earthslide, Forked Lightning, Rune of Denial, Allfather’s Horn, Gigantomachia, Alacrity, Extract Life, Traitorous Murmur, Led Astray, Seven Ring Ritual, Led Astray, Fire Eater, Reckless Vulcanist, Eirsdottir, Headless One, Clay Effigy, Synapse Overclock, Vulcan Brand, Cataclysm, Godspore Mushroom, Revelation of Zimec, Misanthropia, Thunderclap, Plague Maidens, False Mjolnir, Sea Fire, Breath of Wintertide, Ice Spike, Serenity Seawitch, Amnesia, and The Yana Virus.