3/2/2023 9:40:55 PM


We've been working hard over the past few months improving the user experience in Mythgard, especially for new players. As a complex game with a steep learning curve, we understand how overwhelming it can be for players on multiple platforms. One issue that arose during feedback and user testing was the method used to gain mana through card burning.

Our current card burning method required players to drag cards to the bottom of the screen, causing the card to be reshuffled back into the deck while providing mana and gems. However, this method was problematic on certain platforms, particularly mobile, due to universal UI elements that disrupted the player experience. Additionally, the term "burning" confused new players who believed they were destroying their cards.

To address these issues and provide a better user experience, we've implemented a new method called Card Cycling. This change doesn't affect gameplay; you still gain mana and gems, and the card is shuffled back into your deck. However, we've updated the terminology and interaction so that players now drag the card they want to "cycle" to their deck to gain mana and gems. This triggers a new animation and VFX of the card being shuffled back into the deck.

To ensure that new players understand this method, we'll update the player tutorials and cards to reflect the terminology and functionality changes. We hope this update will improve the Mythgard experience for all our players.