2/22/2022 11:04:00 PM


Dear Friends,

Since the Mythgard acquisition in October, the team has been working hard to learn and master the systems that make it such a great game. We’re finally ready to release our first small (but official) update to Mythgard. Because there’s nothing player-facing in this update, we want to let everyone know what’s happening behind the scenes:

  • Expanding the Team: We’ve onboarded 16 developers onto Mythgard.

  • Build Pipeline: We created new development and testing environments for Mythgard.

  • Publishing Control: We’ve transferred Mythgard to our Apple, Google, and Steam developer accounts so we can publish updates.

  • Release Process: We’ve created a robust testing and release process so we can confidently release and revert.

Taking over Mythgard has been fun and exciting for us. We have some interesting content updates in the coming months:

  • Balance Pass: We’re working to make some balance changes, based on community feedback.

  • Onboarding Experience: We’re improving the new player experience to make the game more accessible and easier to learn.

  • Quality of Life: We’re tackling a huge pile of tech debt and quality of life issues.

  • Story Mode: The current storyline will get a re-release and continuation.

  • Expansion: Yes, we’re working on a new expansion!


The Monumental Mythgard Team