5/23/2023 5:01:42 PM


Along with backend improvements to the game, here are some of the bug fixes that are in this release

New Player Experience

  • Fixed an overlapping dialog in “Use Marching Orders on Ingrid.”

Battle Pass

  • Missions 16 and 17 & Missions 23 and 24: Fixed an issue where the values were swapped and required a player to complete 60 games and draw 3 cards; this is now reversed/fixed and should require the player to win 3 games and draw 60 cards 


  • Loki's Veil - Extended Suppression to entities entering play after the occupying minion is activated. In simpler terms Fixed an issue where suppression was improperly being applied
  • Notarize Reality or Overtime Affliction cards now have a dialog when the card is brought over to the deck, whether it should be placed into the deck or cycled

Mythgard Hub

  • Updated outdated links for support and Monumental to better direct players to the correct area 


  • Fixed a bug related to the Web client that had inconsistent logins