12/16/2020 1:21:21 AM


Patch 0.19.4 sets up our Winter Holiday event and introduces tons of new emotes. It also includes a handful of balance tweaks and new items in the store (including freebies!)

Take part in the new Winter Holiday Event! 

  • Dec 18 - Jan 10

  • 2v2 event mode

  • Penguins for Every Faction

  • Win a Special Gift

Check out our most recent dev blog on YouTube.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Added around 70 new emotes, courtesy of foxfire_kadrpg!

    • Enable up to 16 emotes at a time

    • Improved rendering system for animated emotes

  • New specials in the store

    • Including free mythril!

  • Win mythril for 8/9 wins in Arena

  • Sets end of Ladder Season to Jan 18

  • Automatically switches to your system language upon first launch

  • Fixed some characters appearing as boxes in Chinese

  • Fixed an issue that could cause AIs to “freeze”

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to get into a reload loop

  • Fixed Null Seeker sacrificing itself upon using its ability

  • Disabled Minmaxer’s Challenge puzzle due to change to Volition


The following cards can be unmade for full cost if they were crafted after Nov 23: Racer in Shadow, Volition™

Tree of Life

  • 0/4 → 0/3

The win rate for Tree of Life on the draw was too damn (slightly) high. If you were on Discord, you got to vote for either making it 0/3 or cost (1). The 0/3 votes won by a greater than 2:1 ratio. Neither change was anticipated to bring the winrate for Turn of Seasons on the draw to below 50%, so we thought it’d be fun to involve the community. Thank you everyone who voted!

Racer in Shadow

  • Add Sundown: Banish this

Racer in Shadow was always meant to feel extremely “ephemeral”. Sticking around after the end of turn just didn’t feel quite right for this card. Racer has always been one of Harmony’s strongest cards in the one slot, and we don’t expect that to change.


  • 2[Y] → 2[Y]Y

  • Give a friendly minion a standard action and 「Is Stunned after attacking」 until Sundown → 「Sunrise: Empower with an extra standard action」.

People really dislike surprise Volition wins. Does this change nerf it into unplayability, or is there the possibility of a deck that takes advantage of the delay? Either way, the slower effect is more in keeping with the thematic flavor of Aztlan.

Frankly, the gem change on top of that may be overkill - we’ll have to keep an eye on it. However, there was enough worry about bringing back Volition™ stacking that we thought it would be better to be on the safe side.

Hacker” type removal: This is an unused/unreferenced “flavor” type that’s giving way to the “Rebel” type in preparation for the next expansion and a couple of minions that would otherwise clearly call for more than two starting types, something to be avoided.

  • Fey Plagiarist and Black Hatter: Elf Hacker → Rebel Elf

  • Skilled Hacktivist: Troll Hacker → Rebel Troll

  • The Recursionist: Witch Hacker → Rebel Witch

  • Hacker’s Intuition and Synapse Overclock: Hacker Spell → Witch Spell