9/13/2022 6:16:00 PM


New Changes

  • Minor card art update
  • Removed puzzles [Riding with Eolis, Minmaxer's Challenge, Minmaxer's Coup, and Navy Seagull's Recruiting Hall] due to card balance changes rendering them impossible
  • Updated the card “There is No Safe Word” to “No Smoke And Mirrors” along with new art

Fixed Bugs

  • Account sign-in and linking
    • Fixed some crashes around creating a new account or registering a full account
    • Updated some error messaging to be clear

  • General stability and enhancements
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent turns from ending when removing abilities from the graveyard
    • Fixed a rare bug that would leave the game hanging on startup
    • Fixed a bug where some UI panels would disappear after getting disconnected

  • Improved logo legibility on some loading screens