4/27/2022 4:00:00 PM


This is mostly a bug fixing patch and some backend work.

There is, however, a new card back you can earn by beating a Monumental developer in-game. (The legacy Rhino dev card back will no longer be granted but will remain available for any user who already owns it.)

New Changes:

  • Added internal services for better tooling

  • Improved the forced update flow

  • Updates to the Mythgardgame.com website

  • Web version of the game no longer appears as blank on launch 

  • Monumental dev card backs are now granted upon defeating accounts marked as developers

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a crash when exiting the game on Steam

  • Fixed a scene stack bug when opening packs from the collection screen and then pressing the back button

  • Fixed a bug with account sign-up not showing email/password error messages on some screen sizes

  • Fixed a bug with support emails incorrectly inserting extra characters

  • Fixed a bug with erratic scrolling when opening a filter box on the collection and deck edit screens

  • Fixed a bug with the “Ahaha” emote using the incorrect asset

  • Fixed a bug on web builds that would restart background music from the beginning when browser tab was unfocused

  • Fixed a bug on web builds that showed an error popup whenever the window was resized or going full screen

  • Fixed a bug that would lock the match when a player had to discard a number of cards but had less than that number of cards in their hand

  • Fixed a bug where cards with longer detail text like Victorious Podium were cut off

  • Fixed a bug where the GG button hint placement was clipped off by the screen

  • Fixed a bug involving missing visuals in the battle history when actions targeted a deck or graveyard

  • Fixed a bug in which card pack purchases were rendered as invisible in some circumstances

  • Fixed a bug where the store screen would freeze after buying two boards in a row

  • Fixed an issue on web, where the game would not load automatically. Added a new loading indicator for web.