Patch Notes v0.9.1

8/14/2018 7:32:06 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Add yet more code in an attempt to prevent the “Done” button from failing to appear after opening a pack.

  • Improved deck selection interface to not enter the deck editor on single-click.

  • Sovereign Architect’s activated ability icon now correctly reflects whether or not it’s activatable.

  • Allfather’s Horn now correctly draws a card.

  • Jotun Shatterfist now correctly triggers its growth ability prior to dealing damage when attacking into a minion with alpha strike.

  • Added a “watch match” option to the player context menu.

  • Fixed another yet another bug that would prevent some replays from being watchable.

  • Fixed masking issue with player portraits in match history scroll box.

  • Players can now see the ranked play panel regardless of player level.

  • The “next bout” button on completing a gauntlet match now indicates which bout number is up next.

  • All players now have a hand max of 9.

  • Turn timer is now off for casual games vs. the AI.

  • Hitting “cancel” during a connection attempt should now work asynchronously.

  • Lore Broker will continue to grant vision of your opponent’s hand until killed or suppressed as intended.

Known Issues

  • Friend functions are not-yet-implemented despite the option being selectable in some context menus.

  • Multiple Singing Stones do not stack properly when moving onto an enchantment.

  • Trying to save a deck of over a couple hundred cards will cause a server disconnect.

  • The “Default” blank path and power are showing up in the pool of random choices when drafting in Gauntlet and Arena.

  • Lore Broker’s empower text won’t visually swap out after the breach is engaged.