Patch Notes v0.9

8/10/2018 7:41:43 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Greatly expanded tutorial.

  • Added a new Path: Disk of Circadia, and two new Powers: Infuse and Rejuvenate

    • New paths and powers can be obtained either by beating stage 9 of Gauntlet Level III or from the weekly chest.

  • Moved deck management to the main menu screen (click on the deck icon next to your portrait). [We’re working on a total overhaul of the main menu for next patch].

  • Added full match history to player profile panel. You can access this match history by clicking or tapping on the player portrait then dragging the collection planel to the left to show match history.

  • Added right-click context menu to player portrait in game and player names in match histories, ranked ladder, and ranked action panels.

    • You can now view other players’ profiles via this menu.

    • Add friend is listed but is not yet implemented. Friend list and other social features will be available in future patches.

  • Health for minions on “life support” (ie minions that are only alive due to buffs and might therefore be destroyed if moved or suppressed) are now drawn in red.

  • Energy Action - minions get an energy action when created and at the beginning of their controller’s turn. Energy actions are used as part of a cost for some minion activated abilities that cost energy. Energy actions are not restored by cards like Volition and Allfather’s Horn. Most energy-users have been rebalanced to account for this change.

  • Added (placeholder) indicator for when a minion takes reduced damage in combat.

  • The minion OPPOSING Maelstrom should once again be within the damage area of this troublesome enchantment.

  • Suppressing Verdant Jungle or Sweet Spinnerette should now correctly reduce their controller’s mana.

  • Turn of Seasons now gives Fragile to minions created during winter.

  • Journey of Souls now correctly decrements soul count when triggering.

  • Nazca Memorial now assigns the correct values for minions that move into it.

  • Improved action indicators for activatable artifacts.

  • Improved drag-to-attack detection.

  • Match ID is now displayed in the ESC menu in game.

  • Fixed a bug where minions wouldn’t properly return to their lane after combat.

  • Fixed the draw card animation to not flash the card at the beginning of the draw.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t zoom a player’s boneyard while another player was making a divination decision.

  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause account rollbacks.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some game replays from playing.

  • Fixed incorrect Ranked Points reward for defeating mobs in ranked matches. The correct numbers are Bronze 15, Silver 10, Gold 5, Mythril 1.

  • Reduced Ranked Point penalty for losing to a mob in a ranked match. All tiers other than Bronze now have a 30 point penalty.

  • If a player disconnects from a casual or ranked game and doesn’t reconnect in a timely fashion, it will now be counted as a loss.

Known Issues

  • Friend functions are not-yet-implemented despite the option being selectable in some context menus.

  • Multiple Singing Stones do not stack properly when moving onto an enchantment.

  • Trying to save a deck of over a couple hundred cards will cause a server disconnect.

  • The “Default” blank path and power are showing up in the pool of random choices when drafting in Gauntlet and Arena


  • Academy Analyst

    • ACTIVE: Now uses an energy action instead of being “once per turn”.

  • Allfather’s Horn

    • NEW: Draw a card in addition to refreshing mana and actions.

The fantasy of this divine drink was always essentially to take another turn, so letting the spell replace itself brings it even closer.

  • Bela, Witch Queen

    • ENERGY: 4 → 3. Uses energy actions instead of regular actions

    • +2e: reduce cost of your spells by 1

    • -1e: stun target minion

    • -9e: gain brand: “whenever you play a card, draw a card”

    • Whenever your opponent plays a spell -1e

  • Bold Omega

    • BREACH EMPOWER: +1/+1 → +2/+1

  • Bragi Runesinger

    • Uses energy actions instead of regular actions

  • Einherjar Thane

    • COST: 2[B]B → 2[B]

  • Gigantomachia

    • SPELL: Destroy all minions with 4 or more health. → Banish all minions with 4 or more health.

  • Helm of Conscription

    • ACTIVE COST: @ → @1

  • Journey of Souls

    • +1 life per soul collected → +2 life on resurrection

  • Koschei, the Deathless

    • ENERGY: 3 → 1. Uses energy actions instead of regular actions.

  • Lord Valentine

    • REMOVED: At the end of your turn, fully heal all your Vampire minions.

    • NEW: Gets a free action when one of your Vampires other than Lord Valentine Breaches.

One of Valentine’s jobs is to start to seed the concept of Vampires coming together on the board, but with so many of them being high strength low health attackers, healing didn’t really fit.

  • Magnus Thorsson

    • SIZE: 4/5 → 4/4

  • Marching Orders

    • CHOICE: You can now move minions and enchantments right OR left

  • Orbital Jamming Satellite

    • NEW: Starts with 2 Energy (e)

    • NEW: +1e at the start of your turn.

    • ACTIVE COST: @ → @2e

  • Ourania Muse

    • ENERGY: 0 → 1. Uses energy action instead of regular action.

    • PASSIVE: +1e at the start of your turn. → +1e and you lose 1 life at the start of your turn.

    • ACTIVE: Now uses an energy action instead of a standard action.

Bringing back the faster turnaround on investment, but with a more red-feeling life cost.

  • Pack Mentality

    • NEW: Additionally gives affected minion the Canine tag

  • Plague Maidens

    • COST: 4[B]Y → 4Y[G]

Even though their conjoined form prevented them from being recruited by the Ved’ma, disease spreading witches are right in line with green and yellow thematics. As an added bonus this color shift helps smooth out the currently uneven multicolor gem cost landscape.

  • Samosek, the Living Sword

    • NEW: Piercing

  • Seven Ring Ritual

    • COST: 7[R]RR → 7[R]R

  • Zolea, the Unclean

    • ENERGY: 2 → 1. Uses energy action instead of regular action.


  • Update on Ability icons

  • New Power Icons Added (Infuse and Rejuvenate)

  • Gameboard asset for Disk of Circadia

  • Profile UI design

  • Intro UI graphics update


  • Maelstrom (Fixed)

  • Desert (Damage VFX)

  • Bounce VFX (Modified)

  • Ollama Ring (Modified)

  • Headless One (Modified)

  • Dust Devil

  • Vital Broxa (Stand-in VFX)

  • Dune Cat (Stand-in VFX)

  • Parsa Clarion (Stand-in VFX)

  • Rejuvenate Power

  • Infuse Power

  • Smite Power (Revise)

  • Impel Power (Revise)