Patch Notes v0.7.1

4/19/2018 9:34:01 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Burned cards can no longer be shuffled to the top of your deck unless you have no cards in your deck

  • Volume controls should now do something

  • Escape menu now has a “Suspend” option for Single-Player game modes

    • Known issue: this option appears erroneously in replay mode and if selected will put the client into a bad state until re-login.

  • Now supports reconnecting to live games when logging in from another client

    • You should be able to start a game, whether multiplayer or single player in one client and immediately take over the game simply by logging in with a different client, including on another device/platform

  • You can now withdraw from Gauntlet prematurely

  • Corrected Arena matchmaking panel to state that you are entering the Arena queue

  • Display an error dialog when unable to replay a game instead of crashing

  • Going back to the main menu from an Arena or Gauntlet game should no longer put the main menu in a bad state

  • Settings panel is now accessible in combat

  • Settings panel now correctly reflects “Experienced Player” setting

  • Fixed a bug where progress in achievements and missions may not get counted after a reconnect

  • Fixed blank path emplacements on board, game board graphic tune-up

  • Fixed dummy card from appearing when highlighting empty boneyard

  • Moved player hand down to better fit game board

  • Opponent cards in their hand that you “know” are now shown face-up

  • Raid the Tombs and Pit Fiend now correctly banish cards from the boneyard

  • Blight: Get -0/-X at the end of turn. → Get -X/-X at the beginning of turn

  • Immortal creatures now go to the boneyard if their maximum health goes to zero

  • Added Nordic name generator


  • Academy Analyst

    • +1 ENERGY: Whenever you cast a spell or enchantment. → Whenever you cast a spell.

    • DIVINATION 4: Now only usable once per turn.

Attempting to preserve a lot of her tempo and utility while limiting the raw speed with which the Analyst could dig through your deck.

  • Pit Fiend

    • DEMISE: Banish the bottom 3 minions of your opponent's boneyard. → Banish the bottom 4 cards of your opponent's boneyard.

  • Poxbringer

    • COST: 2[Y] → 3[Y]

The new blight is quite a bit better!

  • Zmey Hydra

    • COST: 4[G]GGG → 4[G]GG



  • Magnus Thorsson (Revise)

  • Allfather’s Horn (Revise)

  • Cataclysm (Revise)

  • Triassic Kraken (Fixed)

  • Foul Harvest (Revise)

  • Bald Mountain (Fix)

  • Brass Bouncer

  • Valkyrie Enforcer

  • False Mjolnir (Revise)

  • Ice Spike (Revise)

  • Maze Of Iyatiku (Revise)

  • Boneyard Abomination (Revise)

  • Firedart Frog (Revise)

  • Invisible City (Revise)