Patch Notes v0.19.4.1

12/19/2020 12:46:17 AM

Patch 19.4.1 is a bug fix patch.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Test cards should no longer appear in Core packs for Tournament Draft

  • Fixed a bug that failed to properly card count when unmaking

  • Fixed a bug where queuing for the Winter Holiday event with Victorious Podium in your deck prevents the match from starting

  • Fixed a bug where adding an Artifact to an existing stack wasn’t counting towards the Build for the Ages faction mission

  • Fixed a soft lock when casting an Ephemeral Mind Freak

  • Fixed a bug where Academy Analyst was reducing the cost for Items

  • Fixed a bug where transforming a minion on Guardian Plateau could erroneously generate Sand Guardians

  • Fixed a bug where creating a minion on Guardian Plateau and having it immediately die could erroneously generate a Sand Guardian on the enchantment itself

  • Fixed a bug where a Blighted minion that dies and creates another minion was passing the Blight to the created minion while Miasma Catalyst is in play

  • The modifier for Hall of Matrimony now shows up in tooltips

  • Fixed a bug where a Gama Sennin banished by Profane Locus was not granting the Ring of Eternity

  • Fixed a bug where creating a minion during your opponent’s turn no longer triggers Model of Duality

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Deepest Winter board from being purchasable

  • Fixed missing strings on Season II ranked trims

  • Added explanations in the guide regarding the interaction of Demise effects and Banish vs. Ephemeral

  • Changed animation for Ephemeral minion death to better reflect when the card is removed from play

Known Issues

The various card bugs were discovered too late for fixes to be included in this update. They should be fixed in the following patch.

  • Mana cost reduction effects are not functioning correctly with respect to variable cost spells such as Anhelli and Extract Life

  • Transforming a minion on Whitemoon Arena or Nazca Memorial can result in the minion having double the intended stat bonus

  • Reanimate effects (Re:Spawn, Stairway to Hades, etc) don’t work for the right-player’s lanes in 2v2.

  • Guilds are NYI