11/18/2020 3:25:15 AM



0.19.3 is a major balance patch with changes to roughly 120 cards. This patch also includes all of the underlying game code for Expansion 2, as well as a major Unity upgrade, so bumps in the road are to be expected.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Major balance patch (see here), including two new keywords:

    • Mirror

    • Persist

  • Added season end date for current ranked ladder season and content for next season

  • Added a hide button to the card wheel (used for divination, etc)

  • Special events:

    • Casual Frija’s decks now include all valid card sets

    • Turned off 1v1 Casual Frija’s event

    • 2v2 games with AIs can now be created during 2v2 Tyr’s Day, 2v2 Thor’s Day, and Casual Frija’s events (however, extra rewards will not be given during these events for games that involve bots)

  • Tournament changes:

    • Maximum players increased to 128

    • Added top cuts player count dropdown

    • Added deck mouse over during ban phase

  • New puzzle importer features:

    • Prepend a card name with ! to make it prestige

    • Items can now be imported

    • Energy and current hit points can be specified by following a name with (hp=X, e=Y) or some variation thereof

  • Draft mode keyboard shortcuts:

    • Return to zoom/unzoom

    • Space to pick

  • Fixed freeze when saving a deck with paths/powers but no cards

  • Fixed bug with killing a minion across from Spirit Stones with Re:spawn on it

  • Fixed bug with returning Suppressed Forged minions to hand

  • Fixed bug where damaged minions made Immortal given Blight would stay on board with zero health

  • Various card text fixes

  • Improved visibility of targeting glow for players’ boneyards