10/25/2020 1:37:32 AM

PATCH NOTES V0.19.2.21

Patch 19.2.21 (iOS) /19.2.23 (other platforms) is a minor bug fix patch.

Our 2020 Halloween event starts on Monday Oct 26, 3am PST (10am UTC) and runs until Sunday Nov 1, 4 am PST (11am UTC). Make sure you collect the exclusive card backs!

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fix deck art selection red materials

  • Fixed an AI hang (19.2.23+ only)

  • Fixed an issue with “zero” currencies displayed on first login (19.2.23+ only)

  • Fixed a potential client crash in tournaments

  • Fixed a bug where challenge games were incorrectly being subject to special event rules

  • Fixed a bug where the Riding with Eolis puzzle was unsolvable due to a live change to Bridgeway Troll

Balance Changes Oct 20th.

Known Issues

  • Sound is disabled in the WebGL version - We believe this is due to some undocumented behavior in the audio engine when memory / application size exceeds certain thresholds. The current estimate to do the necessary work to get sound working again in WebGL is in the 250 man-hours range. Because this benefits a relatively small percentage of our players, and would definitely impact our ability to deliver additional content and features in time, we’ve decided to postpone this task indefinitely.

  • Disk of Circadia's in-game icon still uses the "D" and "N" lettering for its old "Day" and "Night" text.