Patch Notes v0.18

5/5/2020 7:21:24 PM

This patch has many card bug fixes and introduces the Tournaments Alpha. Please expect tournaments to be bugged to hell (we can’t emphasize this enough). It’s way too big of a feature for a team of our size, especially in the current environment, to test. We plan on patching again ASAP as we continue to iterate on this feature.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Tournament mode enters Alpha testing

  • Short delay before enabling “exit game” when bringing up the escape menu in game

  • Fixed “Requeue” in 2v2 always matching you against AIs

  • Fixed joining 2v2 as a group and having 5/4, 6/4 or 7/4 players found

  • Fixed being able to copy a deck

  • Fixed remembering Login with Google on Android

  • Fixed bug with converting coin into packs when opening the weekly chest and near the coin cap

  • Fixed Paths and Powers overlapping on narrow aspect ratios in draft

  • Fixed Verdant Jungle generating max mana when minions move onto it

  • Fixed 1v1 challenges not always matching you with who you challenged

  • Fixed Defy Death locking games when triggering divination at the same time

  • Updated erroneous tooltips on Master of Shadows, Fires of Creation, and Foresight

  • Stray Panacea now 0/1 as intended, not 0/2

  • Sablewing Zira reduces the cost of spells already in hand when played

  • Decoy’s swap ability only triggers from Stealth

  • Fixed Terpischore Muse gaining multiple buffs when multiple Decoys swap

  • Fel Kraken spawned by Sea Lord’s Trident mana cost reflects the activation cost

  • Fixed Shinobi of Fire showing its abilities in hand after being bounced in stealth

  • Fixed minions sometimes not being buffed by War Fan in the boneyard

  • Fixed Warded visual effect showing on minions in Stealth

  • Fixed gallery art sometimes getting stuck shown

  • Strength locked to zero abilities from Dire Benediction and Temple at Delphi should now be suppressible

  • Minmaxer’s Challenge is now able to be completed.

  • Crafting refunds are now available for:

    • Allfather's Horn

    • Gigantomachia

    • Grinning Kolobok

    • Iku Turso

    • Ironbelly Wyvern

    • Lavish Proxy

    • Shopworn Bull

    • To Heaven and Back

    • Wings of Abaddon

    • Xerxian Recruiter

Known Issues

  • Tournaments

    • Melee / Communal draft modes not enabled

    • Deck styles not enabled

    • Cannot change tournament settings once created

    • Prize table display screwed up

    • Context menus not working in game

    • Keeper draft doesn’t notify you that your cards are added to your collection

    • Numerous other bugs

  • Guilds are NYI


Laser Grid

  • Piercing

If you saw the AMA on Reddit this small change jumping the fence into the tournament patch won’t surprise you, but memes aside, it’s both functional and flavorful so... we’ll allow it.


  • Card art updated for Notarize Reality