Patch Notes v0.17.3 - Holiday Edition

12/18/2019 7:58:16 PM

Mythgard Patch 0.17.3 - Holiday Edition

Tis the season of Axolotls! One ranked season is ending and another is about to begin. Between them, we’re running a special 2v2 Holiday’s event. Play with crazy Highlander decks and earn a Christmas card back, courtesy of the King of Axolotls himself, foxfire_kadrpg. There are also new elite missions that each award an animated axolotl emote (you know who to thank for that one too). Collect all 23! Speaking of emotes, you can now choose a custom set of emotes in the player profile.

Ranked Beta Season I ends Dec 21st,  2019 and Beta Season II starts Jan 3rd, 2020. Players will start the new season at the bottom of the next lower tier. For example, if you finished Beta I at G04, you’ll enter Beta II at S01. Don’t forget to pick up your Beta I rewards in the ranked panel, which include card packs and a fancy portrait trim.

Have fun, and have a wonderful, joyous, holidays everyone!

Features & Bug Fixes

  • There is a new 8-turn tutorial mission for those who opt out of the story on their first login

    • This mission explains the basic rules but gives far fewer rewards than the story

    • Those who wish can play through this tutorial for 100 xp and 400 coin. We’re not saying it’s worth it if you already know how to play, but you have the option!

  • Winter Holiday’s 2v2 event

    • Random 75 card, 3 color, highlander decks (you still need to queue with a legal deck)

    • Random power, no path

    • 6 card starting hand

    • Draw 2 cards per turn

    • This event runs until January 8th

  • Event mission

    • Draw 250 cards in the 2v2 event to get a special Christmas Axolotl card trim, courtesy of foxfire_kadrpg

  • Festive Winter holiday game boards

    • And Santa hats or other holidays accoutrement if you equip any of the winter card backs or trims!

  • Animated emotes

    • If you’re on our Discord, you know them well. Thanks foxfire - you are the best!

    • Everyone starts out with “blush”. We’ll be giving out a code for “flex” via our mailing list and the rest you can win via a new set of elite missions

  • Emote customization

    • Players can now select their emotes via a panel in the player profile

  • End of Beta Season I

    • Season rewards: 1/3/5/7/10 packs and a special portrait flair depending on rank tier

    • The ranked panel now shows your past season record in the medals panel

  • Added 3 new puzzles (see Known Issues)

  • Fixed missing “Next Pack” button in the pack opening screen

  • We will be experimenting with a different matchmaking algorithm that will be more friendly to players at the very high and low ends of the spectrum. Let us know if you notice better or worse results. We can flip back to the old algorithm if the new one has problems

  • You can now burn cards by dragging them straight down, even if they are at the sides of the hand

  • Fixed another bug that caused zoomed cards to get stuck in some rare cases (there will be more, please report them as you find them!)

  • Improved scaling of some parts of the UI for phones (there’s still a lot of work to do here, but this should help make some of the buttons a bit more pressable to start)

  • Entry VO for the following cards removed: Dashing Ringmaster, Howling Abyssal, Panic Raider, Strigoi Familiar

  • Ranked points for Champion level players is awarded in the same way as Mythril players as a temporary band-aid for not having gotten something better in place in time for next season

  • Various other bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Guilds are NYI

  • Tournaments are NYI

  • The puzzle Minmaxer’s Coup is broken on iOS. We also had to change the puzzle slightly at the last minute due to fixing an issue with one of the cards. Since none of us were able to solve the puzzle anyway, we can’t guarantee that it’s solvable period. Have fun!


Minor balance changes. Full refunds available on Master of Shadows, Scourge of Serpents, Shadhavar Beast, and Volition™ if made or unmade in the past 3 weeks.

Halcyon Decree

  • Enemy minions in three adjacent lanes get -2/-0 → permanently and are [Suppressed] until your next turn

This strength debuff has always needed to be immune its own dang suppression to function; making it permanent is a small buff, but also feels closer to a good reason this doesn’t thwart itself.

Master of Shadows

  • 4[P]P → 5[P]P

  • Stealth → Removed

Bringing the Master out into the light of day here; needing a slightly higher cost is a bit of a giveaway, but it’s always been possible to figure out when he was around based on his effect on other incoming minions anyway.

[ed. - if you’ve been to our Discord recently you know that Purple has a less than stellar win rate. We’ll look to buff other cards in the faction sometime soon]

Scourge of Serpents

  • 4[Y]Y → 5[Y]Y

Shadhavar Beast

  • 3/3 → 2/3

Storied Martyr

  • 1/1 → 2/2

  • Demise: Give all your other minions +1/+1 and Overrun until the end of the next turn → Give all your other Rebel minions +1/+1


  • 3[Y] → 2[Y]

  • Give a friendly minion a standard action → and 'is Stunned until end of turn after attacking' until end of turn


  • Card art updated for Salt the Fields, Scourge of Serpents, Fossegrim, and Muttonmorphosis.

Unfortunately, we discovered two major issues after deploying patch 0.17.3:

1) The 2v2 event steps on those of Kryptic Gaming's 2v2 Tournament finals.
2) The abilities for eight cards ( Avenging Alpha, Back Alley Ronin, Earthslide, Gemcutter Spider, Herald of War, and Leshy) are borked.

We decided that it would be better to go forward with the patch and try for a hotfix on Friday (as opposed to rolling back).  The hotfix will be to make arranged 2v2 games use the standard rules as opposed to the special event rules and to fix the cards listed above.  Until then, the above cards will be banned from constructed play (assuming that system works, this'll be our first time using it live).

Apologies for the inconvenience!