Patch Notes v0.15.4

8/2/2019 7:25:36 PM

Even more than 0.15.3, this patch is primarily focused on bug fixes.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Prospective fix for occasional deck editor & collection crash / slow filter response 

  • Increased chance of getting wild cards in packs and single card rewards

  • Added feature to make it easier to open multiple packs in a row. Start by clicking the first pack, after which you can press or hold spacebar to continue opening packs

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur while crafting

  • Fixed a bug where your turn timer could expire immediately after reconnecting

  • Throttle GPU usage when application is minimized or not focused (Windows only)

  • Adjusted idle emotes to occur less frequently (and not at all in bot games). Custom idle emotes added for most portraits

  • Fixed favorite card material/trim functionality

  • Fixed a bug where the card collection would start at the bottom instead of the top

  • Added a scroll bar to the card collection

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Xerxian Saboteur and Forgeling demise effects from working.

  • Reincarnation should now work properly

  • Fixed a bug reported as “suppressing Herald of Pestilence opposite a Serpent on a Serpent’s Den enchantment with Singing Stone in play kills the Serpent.”

  • Damage effects with a value of 0 (eg Extract Life cast with 0 mana or Herald of Death demise with 0 attack) no longer deal damage to minions with Fragile

  • Fixed a visual bug that could cause the mana bar to show incorrect mana/gem counts when casting certain cards quickly (reported as Blood Moon followed by Panic Raider in quick succession)

  • Added additional sound effects

Known Issues

  • The Block feature on the Social panel is NYI

  • Guilds are NYI

  • Holding down space to open packs sometimes glitches (visual only)


Dashing Ringmaster

  • Rush

  • All your minions have Rush → Other friendly minions that are created with 4 or less strength get Rush

Putting some oft-requested restrictions on our notorious big-top-barker. Note that they’ll need to be in play already for this ability to trigger on subsequent summons.