Patch Notes v0.15.3

7/26/2019 8:25:20 PM

Patch 0.15.3 is primarily a bug-fix patch. The major content change is that Purple cards are moving to Core and Q-mode will be disabled. UI polish is ongoing.

We’re moving ever-closer to Beta and the account wipe! Your assistance in getting the game into the best possible shape is greatly appreciated - we’re incredibly grateful for all of the great bug reports and suggestions that have been submitted in the last few weeks.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • 64-bit support for Android

  • Moved Purple (Harmony) to core

    • You can now get Purple cards in packs

    • Faction missions/achievements for Purple now enabled

    • Purple wild cards and crafting are enabled

    • Finished art added to gallery

    • Starter cards/decks are NOT enabled

  • Turned off Q-mode

  • More main menu UI updates (UI updates are expected to progress incrementally until beta and beyond)

  • Options menu now accessible from welcome, story, tutorial, and end of match scenes

  • On Windows, background music will be muted only when the application is minimized. Other platforms will generally mute the background music when the application loses focus (e.g. when you switch to another tab from the webgl client). On all platforms, you should still hear important stingers like “match found” even if the background music is muted

  • Found and fixed a bug with volume settings

  • ‘!’ notifications for the store and pack buttons will auto-hide until retriggered

  • Fixed issue where players could get into a bad challenge/matchmaking state when cancelling or declining challenges that were in ‘game ready’ phase

  • When featured decks change rotation and your equipped featured deck is no longer available, a new featured deck will be selected automatically

  • Featured decks no longer display non-functional deck stats

  • Featured deck names are now shown during combat intro screen

  • Compact deck view button correctly saves last state again

  • Enable double-click to zoom draft picks

  • Marquee text when game is waiting for another player’s action

  • Minion action menu should respond more quickly when clicking on token

  • Increased the size of minion token energy indicator

  • Fixed erroneous blue combat preview text for minions with 0 strength

  • Combat preview now properly shows a ‘?’ on minions participating in combat when a stealth minion is on the board

  • Fixed graphics glitch on power card text and flavor text

  • Fixed card wheel being improperly sized for some displays

  • Improved handling of mobile devices with screen notches

  • Prospective fix for mobile devices popping up the graveyard tooltip card when not focused

  • Minions and artifacts changing control reset their energy

  • Fixed being able to activate Foresight multiple times per turn

  • Fixed a potential soft-lock when summoning a minion into a middle-lane Five Spirit Gate in a 2v2 match

  • Fixed a potential soft-lock when summoning a Chort Stag onto a Five Spirit Gate if the stag ability leaves gate with no targets when it resolves.

  • Fixed AIs not making out of turn decisions (Imperative Bell) as well as a bug that allowed players’ to end the AI’s decision making phase for it upon Imperative Bell triggering

  • Imperative Bell target is now hidden from the AI

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on your partner’s minion in 2v2 will now properly return to your hand (this fix actually occurred a couple patches ago without our realizing it)

  • Spirit Away now properly only allows enemy targets as per the card text

  • Feng Shui Master should no longer be able to target allied lane enchantments

  • Road Queen buff no longer applies to former Valkyries that have been transformed by Muttonmorphosis

  • Fixed a couple bugs with Bragi Runesinger fetch ability (crash when drawing the bottom card of your deck and choosing ok with no enchantments selected)

  • Modified mana costs of cards in the boneyard now properly revert if the source of the modification is removed from play (bug reported as “cards in the boneyard retained their mana cost reduction after War Fan was destroyed” as well as “Vampire cards in the boneyard retained their mana cost reduction after Strigoi Familiar was destroyed”)

  • Llort now properly banishes the top cards of the opponent’s library as per the card text (rather than the bottom cards)

  • Fixed turn timers ending early after activating Defy Death

  • Ravine Guardian and Grim Narcoleptic now correctly update strength when changing controllers

  • Fixed a bug causing some Awaken abilities to apply when changing controllers (reported as “Ingrid Stormdottir activates her awaken ability when changing controllers”)

  • Fixed a bug with Desert visuals in 2v2

  • Fixed a bug where ending a turn before the end of a combat sequence in which one of the minions would be returned by Journey of Souls could result in an invisible card

  • Fixed a potential bug that would cause tooltips to not be hidden at the end of a match

  • Fixed bug with card tracker counts when utilizing non-zoned sorting

  • In-game card tracker now defaults to zoned sorting

  • Added more sounds on various UI interactions, rewards, and turn change. Releveled the volume on some sounds

  • Capped some game values at ±1,048,576

  • Extract Life now shows expected damage in the card text

  • Peach of Life now shows number of minions in the boneyard in the card text

  • Changed format for minion ability energy cost: moved gaining energy from the cost section of the ability line to the effects section; example:

    • +1🗲▽: Give another minion Blight 1. → ▽: +1🗲 and give another minion Blight 1.

    • -2🗲▽: Give another minion +3/+0. → 2🗲▽: Give another minion +3/+0.

Known Issues

  • The Block feature on the Social panel is NYI

  • The Guilds section on the Social panel is NYI

  • Visual history/combat log currently overlaps some parts of the 2v2 UI.


Feng Shui Master

  • 2/2 → 2/3

Foul Harvest

  • Destroy one of your minions… → Sacrifice

I’m a big boy and I’ll sacrifice my own warded minions if I wanna!

Grandma Meng’s Teahouse

  • … → (Added) When you create a minion in this lane, the top minion in your library gains Stealth permanently

Parsa Regulars

  • 3[O] → 3[O]O

Powerful Ramen

  • Your power costs (0) mana to activate this turn → Gain an additional free power activation this turn

Quicksand Hourglass

  • TRIGGER: Destroys itself → Sacrifices itself

Just guarding against the eventuality that some artifact mechanic could prevent it from breaking.

Xerxian Recruiter

  • AWAKEN: Look at the top card of your deck; if it's a minion, draw it and it's now a Rebel → permanently


  • Updated art for several cards, including Master of Shadows, Shinobi of Fire, and Familia Sprite

  • Re-exported art for Sapo, the Devourer and Loki’s Veil from higher resolution source files