Patch Notes v0.15.1

6/25/2019 5:39:38 PM

Patch 0.15.1 is a minor patch intended primarily to fix critical bugs and address the most salient balance issues after the release of Purple.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug which could leave a stretched-out card covering the screen

  • Fixed bug which caused some cards to appear blurred

  • Stealthed minions are now revealed when control changes

  • Fixed some tells hinting at what unknown minions could be

  • Additional polish to updated missions screen

  • Added option to use a restricted or expanded matching window when queueing

  • Matchmaking options (Allow AI, Expanded queue window) no longer shared between match types

  • Added ability to click ‘In Queue’ notifications while in main menu scene to get back to corresponding matchmaking UI

  • Improved target selection prompts to state the name of the triggering card

  • Fixed a crash when casting Mind Freak while Recursionist is on the board

  • Fixed Misfortune targeting line bug

  • Fixed a bug where Dune Courser could receive its buff from being on a desert more than once

  • Fixed a bug where abilities weren’t being properly applied on change controller (reported as Traitorous Murmur to bring a minion next to a Freki Sidecar wasn’t properly applying rush)

  • Hide tooltip card on game end

  • Reduced volume of stingers when music is muted

Known Issues

  • The block feature on the Social panel doesn’t work yet

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand


Divine Compass (Generated by Sniffer)

  • Divination 4 → Divination 3

Five Spirit Gate

  • [P]P[P]P

Flame Scroll

  • Deal 3 damage to opponent → Deal 2 damage to opponent

Golden FeatherPhoenix Feather (Generated by Zen Archer)

Grandma Meng’s Tea House

  • [P]P[P]

Herald of Conquest

  • [O]P[O]OPP

  • 3/4 → 7/6

  • Awaken: Add three Biting Blade items to your hand → Overrun, All other friendly minions have +2/+2 and Overrun

Herald of War

  • Overrun → Warded

Homeward Crown (Generated by God of Gamers)

  • 🄌

Hungry Ghost

  • 3/5 → 3/4

  • Gets +1/+1 whenever a non-Ephemeral minion dies → Gets +1/+1 whenever an enemy minion dies

  • Gets -0/-1 at the start of your turn → Gets -1/-1 at the start of your turn

Imperative Bell

  • [P]P[P]

Jaded Courtier

  • 1/1 → 0/2


  • [P][P]

Master of Shadows

  • 3/3 → 2/4

  • → Deadly

  • 1🗲, Gets +1🗲 at the  start of the turn while in Stealth. After breaking Stealth, deal 1 damage to anyone for every🗲, add 🗲 Flame Scroll  items to your hand, and get Armor until the end of turn equal to 🗲 → Minions you create get Stealth. This ability doesn’t break Stealth


  • [P]P[P]P

Night Market

  • Occupying minion has ‘Breach: You gain temporary mana.’ → Occupying minion has ‘Breach: You gain temporary mana.

Nimbus ArcherZen Archer

Pentacle of Flavors

  • Give a minion Swift, Rush, Frenzy, Overrun, and Piercing → Give a minion Armor 1, Focused 2, Regen 3, Slayer 4, and Blast 5 

Racer in Shadow

  • → Ephemeral

Red Cliffs

  • While this enchantment is occupied, minions in the opposing three lanes have Rush suppressed → While this enchantment is occupied, enemy minions have Rush suppressed

Rogue Vocaloid

  • Blast 10 → Blast 4

Shinobi of Fire

  • 2/4 → 1/3

Shinobi of Smoke

  • 3/2 → 3/1

Shinobi of Wind

  • 2/3 → 2/2

Steam Bun

  • 1/2 → 1/1

  • Gets +1🗲 when you play an item, -2🗲: Draw a card: Sacrifice this, draw a card

Sword Saint

  • 3/1 → 2/1

War Fan

  • Durability: 14 → 6 

  • All player’s cards have their mana costs reduced by → All player’s cards have their mana costs reduced by

Wok Shield (Generated by Battle Chef)


  • : Lose defender until the end of the turn: Lose defender until the end of the turn