Patch Notes v0.13.3

3/14/2019 10:58:57 PM

The starter pack deal will no longer expire! We’re also boosting the starting coin pool for new and existing accounts so you can hit the ground running, introducing some sleek card backs, and of course squeezing in some bug fixes and quality of life tweaks too.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing spurious network disconnections

  • Fixed twitch overlay allowing mouse over of hidden cards while spectating

  • Removed starter pack deal expiration

  • Display current bonus pool in top bar of main menu

  • All new accounts start with an extra 9200 coin bonus pool (existing accounts get this bonus on first login)

  • Added several new card backs and trim:

    • Black & White variations of existing backs

    • Blue Damask card back

    • Ranked Alpha-Zero trim: unlock through ranked play

    • St. Patrick’s day card back and trim: unlock by opening weekly chest before 4/1 (server time)

    • Rhino Alpha Strike back: Unlock by beating a developer (grey names in-game)

  • Q-Mode

    • We’ve added an invitation-only account badge that allows badged players to queue with phantom decks when enabled

    • They will only match with appropriate-strength players and most rewards are disabled in this mode

  • Increased maximum deck name length

  • 2v2 games no longer require players to hit ‘play’ before starting

  • Reduced base life in 2v2 games to 40

  • Added battery indicator to combat scene

  • Fixed slow scroll wheel speed in game history

  • Draft mode defaults to showing the card histogram

  • Fixed crash in pack opening scene when opening weekly chest

  • Fixed ‘ghost’ card appearing when crafting in deck editor

  • Fixed client hang when saving deck containing path or power and no cards

  • Fix for issue where path and power sometimes cannot be selected after importing deck

  • Fix for touch devices being able to erroneously cancel certain targeting modes

  • Fixed issue which caused the wrong deck to be used in matched games

  • Removed Emote and Mute portrait menu options during spectate and replay modes

  • Fixed End Turn button sometimes being disabled when reloading a game

Known Issues

  • The Social panel is still a work-in-progress, the search and block features aren’t functional

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand

  • Bots that queue up for 2v2 are incapable of thinking or making moves

  • In the process of running mana experiments on etheric wind chimes, some sounds got hooked up to a higher frequency action than is ideal


  • Academy Recruitment

    • SPELL: Create 1/1 Cadets in three of your adjacent unoccupied lanes → Create 1/1 Cadets in three friendly adjacent unoccupied lanes

This change only affects how the spell works in 2v2, allowing you to create Cadets in your partner’s lanes.

  • Samosek, the Living Sword

    • ARTIFACT: After your opponent's minions deal combat damage to a player they take 1 damage → After enemy minions deal combat damage to you they take 1 damage

Finally getting the kinks out of the 2v2 trigger parsing.