Patch Notes v0.13.2

3/7/2019 7:34:34 PM

Tweaking of life totals to influence the timeless struggle of rush vs. control aside, this is another light patch to fix small issues that would start to feel big if left alone for a full cycle.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Increased base player life by 5 (from 20 to 25)

  • Added “enhanced combat preview” option to game options

  • Hide minicard when dragging deck in editor

  • Fixed a bug where the totals bar in the deck histogram wasn’t properly tracking removed cards

  • Fixed a bug causing the AI to act more wonkily than usual

  • Added code to punish AI for trolling with Mistwalker Gate

  • Improved and fixed bugs with targeting line functionality added in patch 13.1

  • Resupply Caravan fixed to interact correctly with Incubation Chamber

  • Dune Courser fixed to no longer stack up buffs when moving from Desert to Desert

  • Fixed Draupnir Band incorrectly triggering on minions created by your opponent’s ally in 2v2

  • Fixed the mana cost increases from Garden of Iriy to stack properly with themselves

  • VO volume slider is now functioning

  • Journey of Souls animation displays proper soul count

  • Fix for store button textures in pack opening scene

  • Removed interaction delay on artifacts and powers

  • Fixed issue with social statuses not updating properly

Known Issues

  • Disk of Circadia HUD was “fixed” in 2v2 to show the opposite side than it’s actually on

  • The Social panel is still a work-in-progress, the search and block features aren’t functional

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand

  • Bots cannot currently queue up with players via the “Match with AI challengers” check box in 2v2


  • Samosek, the Living Sword

    • TRIGGER: After enemy minions deal combat damage to a player they take 1 damage → After your opponent's minions deal combat damage to a player they take 1 damage

This change merely constrains how the artifact works in 2v2, and will need another small future change to fully “flip” the trigger around. For now, this wording is somewhat weird but accurate.