Patch Notes v0.13.1

2/22/2019 10:31:18 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some crash bugs / connectivity issues

  • Added targeting lines to better communicate the target of spells, and you can toggle this feature on/off in game options

  • Tripled experience gained for PvP matches (this was applied as a live server update on Feb 19th)

  • Added hand count and path state indicators to 2v2

  • Added a “totals” bar to deck histogram

  • Puzzle button moves to the far left when all puzzles have been completed

  • Improved draft auto builder handling of 3+ color drafts

  • When you reconnect while playing a gauntlet or arena game, you are now properly presented with the next stage button (if applicable) and are returned to the gauntlet or arena panel when exiting to the main menu

  • Added a couple card back options

  • Updated portrait selection and options UI

  • Optimizations to player profile UI

  • You can now copy the match id to your clipboard by hitting ctrl-c in the escape menu or while your mouse is over a match history entry (native clients only)

  • Fixed a bug where newly created decks would be marked as invalid until edited

  • Fixed a bug where card tooltips would break after transforming a minion

  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when casting Pride of Place on Bela, Witch Queen

  • Fixed histogram for horizontal deck editor / draft view

  • The “show available cards” filter when editing a draft deck now shows/hides cards that are already in your deck

  • Fixed a bug where match history could appear in reversed order

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s name in their profile details would not be shown at certain resolutions/dpi.

  • Bonus life from paths no longer count towards the Healer daily mission.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented games where Bragi Runesinger or Shopworn Bull activate an ability from replaying on non-web clients.

  • Fixed a bug where the vfx for damage spells wouldn’t play if damage was reduced to zero by armor (specific reported case was Bolt from the Blue cast on an Ironflesh Performer)

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Hand of the Healer daily mission from registering progress and fixed its text to reference the correct power

  • Removed erroneous draw card text on Traitorous Murmur

  • Fixed a bug where warded preview fx initiated during combat preview weren’t being removed after the preview

  • Fixed artist misattribution for Loki’s Veil

  • Stopped death decals from center lane minions from occasionally sliding around

Known Issues

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand

  • The Social panel is currently under heavy development, with lots of placeholder functionality

  • Bots cannot currently queue up with players via the “Match with AI challengers” check box in 2v2

  • Reminder: With builds that change card data we often have to invalidate replays that were made before the patch; this time around, all your old replays were invalidated to address a larger checksum issue


  • Einherjar Berserkr

    • ACTIVE: Cost 3B → 1BB

  • Forked Lightning

    • SPELL: Deal 3 damage to the occupant of an enemy lane and 2 damage to adjacent lanes → Deal 2 damage to enemy minions in 3 adjacent lanes

  • Freki Sidecar

    • SIZE: 1/3 → 1/2

  • The Giant’s Stairway

    • COST: 4[B]B → 5[B]B

  • Pack Trooper

    • SIZE: 1/1 → 1/2

  • Thieves Bazaar

    • TAGS: Rebel Enchantment → Desert Enchantment