Patch Notes v0.11.1

11/14/2018 7:11:30 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Changed Slayer and Focused to only apply if the minion’s strength is greater than zero.

  • Added max mana readout to the mana bubble.

  • Added various Orange missions and achievements.

  • Emotes are now broadcast to spectators.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to hang.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to soft lock after hitting End Turn.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Divination to not allow player to hit OK.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause some minion ability icons to not be displayed.

  • Gauntlet once again guarantees an unowned path or power on perfect completion.

  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t properly loading match histories for offline players.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some game replays from loading.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause pack opening to hang when revealing the 6th card.

  • Fixed a bug that would not properly update your pack count when receiving card packs from rewards.

  • Fixed an issue with default deck art not being assigned after changing deck contents.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a client that has been kicked off by a login from elsewhere to try to reconnect again.

  • Fixed a bug affecting proper payment processing.

  • Fixed a bug where gallery mode in the combat scene wouldn’t properly unzoom.

  • Fixed a sound bug when mouse is left over the end turn button.

  • The “new” card filter should now work again.

  • The card slug for Extract Life should properly show a ★ for its mana cost.

  • No longer gives you portraits you already own as rewards.

  • Fixed a bug where the AI would fail to make a target selection for a Sweet Spinnerette resurrected during its opponent’s turn.

  • Disk of Circadia’s pursuit ability should now properly give one free use of your power.

  • Impel now works on suppressed creatures.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing maximum mana granted by Grinning Kolobok to fall off in response to other mana modifying effects.

  • Xerxian Recruiter can no longer erroneously draw and peek consecutively.

  • Pride of Place now correctly transform a sapped minion.

  • Pride of Place no longer removes fragile from Turn of Seasons: Winter.

  • Oil Field should now correctly reduce the cost of minion cards in hand.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Aimless Vessel from attacking even when its conditions are met.

  • Fixed a bug in 2v2 where some of partner’s cards would be hidden after using Bragi Runesinger’s draw card and shuffle ability.

  • Fixed a bug where a player’s library count would display the wrong value after using Bragi Runesinger’s ultimate.

  • Fixed a bug where Seal of Exile would miss banishing adjacent cards.

  • Cards from the library banished with Seal of Exile are now flipped face side up during their banish animation.

  • Fixed a bug with Quicksand Hourglass in game replays.

Balance Changes

  • Aimless Vessel

    • SIZE: 5/6 → 4/6

    • ABILITY: Cannot attack unless you control at least one other minion → Cannot attack unless another minion is adjacent

  • Brísing Necklace

    • ACTIVE COST: @➌ → @➋

  • Dashing Ringmaster

    • SIZE: 2/2 → 2/1

  • Fire Eater

    • SIZE: 1/2 → 1/3

  • Ghūl

    • ABILITY: Banish a minion in any boneyard to get +1/+1 and fully heal → Banish a minion in any boneyard to fully heal

  • Lamp of Wonders

    • 0🗲. At the end of your turn, +1🗲. -3🗲: Divination 9 and draw a card, then banish this and shuffle a copy into your opponent’s deck.

  • Parsa Recruit (created by Eager Recruit)

    • SIZE: 2/1 → 1/1

  • Parsa Regulars

    • ABILITY: [Demise]: Add a 1/1 Parsa Recruit to your hand → [Demise]: Add a 2/1 Eager Recruit to your hand

  • Rainbow’s End

    • At the end of your turn, draw the top card of your deck if it’s an enchantment.

You may replace enchantments with other enchantments. When you do, gain ➊ mana.

When you enchant a lane, gain 1 life.

Pursuit: The first enchantment you play costs ➊ mana less.

  • Raziel, Keeper of Secrets

    • REMOVED: Regen 1

    • ULTIMATE COST: 4🗲 → 5🗲

  • Scion of Pride

    • SIZE: 5/5 → 4/4

  • Serendipity Ifreet

    • SIZE: 4/5 → 4/3

  • Simargl Hatchling

    • COST: 3[G]G → 3[G]

  • Vengeful Heirloom

    • ABILITY: Give a friendly minion +2/+1 and '[Demise]: Add a Vengeful Heirloom spell to your hand'. Banish this after casting → Give a friendly minion +2/+1 and '[Demise]: At the end of your turn, return Vengeful Heirloom to your hand from the boneyard'.

Known Issues

  • Bug: when you replace an enchantment occupied by a minion that’s damaged to the point that it would die without that enchantment (indicated by purple health), it will die even though the new enchantment would theoretically keep it alive.

  • Bug: when moving a minion from one enchantment to another where the minion would die without the benefit of the first enchantment (indicated by purple health), it may die even though the new enchantment would theoretically keep it alive.