Patch Notes v0.11

11/9/2018 2:34:12 AM

Orange Faction

  • Sixty-six new cards now appear in Core packs!

Features & Bug Fixes

  • New Path: Rainbow’s End (open a weekly chest or beat Gauntlet III for Paths & Powers)

  • Deck Tracker UI now helps you remember what’s left in your deck, (pull it in from the right-hand side of the screen).

    • Pips: Green = In deck, Gray = Not in deck, Orange = Burned

  • Social features have started to appear! You can follow other players in game. More social features will roll out in future patches.

  • Fixed a bug where in the Disk of Circadia mirror match, flipping to night while the other Disk is in day would remove the slayer granted by the other Disk.

  • Fixed a bug where Disk of Circadia’s discard ability wouldn’t allow you to change your selection.

  • Fixed a bug where the effects of pack buff (including Pack Mentality, Pack Trooper, Sons of the Pack, Volkov Pointman), wouldn’t take into account certain triggers (such as change in controller via Traitorous Murmur).

  • Fixed a bug where slayer wasn’t applying to minions with 0 strength.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Foul Harvest to award twice the temporary mana.

  • When queuing for a casual 1v1 match, you can choose to only match with AI challengers if you don’t want to play against a human.

  • Removed exploit where you could dodge matches against human players in 1v1 ranked and arena modes.

  • Beating a player in ranked will always reward at least as much RP as beating a bot (and usually a lot more).

  • We think we found a work around for the “GetThreadContext” crash bug that affected Steam players who are running certain anti-virus software. Please let us know in discord if this crash continues to occur.

  • “Decklet” panels now feature Path, Power, and Color indicators in deck selection.

Economy Revamp

  • You no longer get duplicates of Mythic cards when opening packs.

    • (Once you own all Mythic rarity cards, it is possible to get duplicates.)

  • Coin economy reworked to remove the daily coin cap.

  • Lots of tweaks and adjustments coming in hot, for planned details see:

Known Issues

  • Social features are brand new and likely super janky, but have fun!

  • AI sometimes hangs, requiring a battle restart.

  • Redeeming packs with a code can mess up the pack count, forcing you to exit and re-enter the pack opening screen.

  • AI will always hang when thinking about Mardyakhor’s Demise ability.


  • Awakened Huntress (Transformed Freki Huntress)

    • SIZE: 4/4 → 4/3

  • Bulwark

    • NEW: gives a minion +0/+1 in addition to Armor 1

  • Brising Necklace

    • ABILITY: When you cast an enchantment, draw a card → Awaken: Draw your next enchantment

    • NEW: (3): Move an enchantment from your hand to the bottom of your deck in order to draw a card

  • Circle of Protection

    • SPELL: All your minions get Armor 2 until your next turn → All your minions get Armor 2 and Warded until your next turn

  • Gallows Boy

    • COST: 2[G]G → 2[G]

  • Gemcutter Spider

    • COST: 3[Y]YY → 3[Y]Y

    • ABILITY: Is created with strength and health equal to the number of gems in your mana bar → Is created with 2 strength and health for every unique color of gem you have burned

  • Golden Axolotl

    • SIZE: 1/1 → 2/1

    • ABILITY: Gets +1/+1 when you burn a card → Gets +0/+1 when you burn a card

  • Grinning Kolobok

    • NEW: 1energy, Swift, When moving for the first time each turn, +1energy

    • ABILITY: Demise: Gain 2 temporary mana → Demise: Gain 1 maximum mana for every 2energy

The last iteration proved to be too punishing, so we’re seizing an opportunity to improve on both the design and the thematic by turning the little pancake that shouldn’t into a fleeing source of maximum mana for your opponent to hunt down.

  • Harvest Behemoth

    • NAME: Harvest Behemoth → Harvester

  • Junkyard Valhalla

    • NEW: Resurrected Dredge minions are also Ephemeral

    • REMOVED: Dredge minions are no longer banished when killed

We actually hadn’t implemented Ephemeral back when this enchantment was first created, so this should bring it in line with other similar mechanics and allow it to synergize with Demise effects.

  • Ollama Ring

    • COST: 3[Y]Y → 4[Y]Y

  • Ourania Muse

    • ACTIVE: Divination 2, then draw a card → You lose 1 life, Divination 2, then draw a card

    • PASSIVE: At the start of your turn, +1e and you lose 1 life → At the start of your turn, +1e

Moving the loss of life from the passive to the active halves the pain and grants a more controlled feel that should hopefully keep the celestial muse out of the patch notes for a change.

  • Pandemic

    • COST: 4[Y] → 3[Y]

  • Rejuvenate

    • POWER: Once per turn, heal all your minions for 1 → Once per turn, heal all your minions for 1 and gain 1 life

  • Rewind Hex

    • SPELL: Return an enchantment to its owner's hand along with a minion if occupied → Return an enchantment to the top of its owner's deck; if occupied, return the minion to its owner's hand

  • Shopworn Bull

    • ACTIVATE: Draw a card. Then, pick one to shuffle back into your deck → Draw a card. Then, pick one to put back and reshuffle your deck

Mechanics like Burning and Divination emphasize limited control over your draw order (which is why we typically randomize the location of individual cards without reordering your entire deck), but our fine-china-loving bull isn’t your typical Minotaur, and while he’d never break your belongings in the process of rummaging for antiques, your deck may be left in some disarray.

  • Spellflux Cauldron

    • ABILITY: When you cast a spell, all your minions get +1/+0 until end of turn → When you cast a spell, all your minions get +1/+0 until your next turn

  • Sweet Spinnerette

    • ABILITY: Gain 1 maximum mana → Awaken: Give another minion Ephemeral

With the Kolobok taking up her previous mechanical identity, it’s high time for the Spinnerette’s mechanics and flavor to better reflect her unsettling visage.

  • Zmey Hydra

    • COST: 4[G]GG → 4[G]G

    • ABILITY: If wounded at the start of your turn, fully heals and gets +1/+1 → If wounded at the start of your turn, fully heals and gets +2/+2


  • 66 New cards (Featuring many new artists!)

  • General UI/Menu improvement

  • New Path art on gameboard, and related icons.

  • New Gameboard HUD designs


  • New first pass “feedback” FX for all 66 orange cards

  • Multicolor FX for Rainbow’s End

  • Overrun (Revise)