Patch Notes v0.10

9/18/2018 8:25:35 PM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Website visual overhaul

  • New main menu UI.

  • New Path: Fires of Creation

  • New Powers: Foresight, and Reanimate

    • Earn new paths and powers via perfect level III gauntlet victory or weekly chest. Each level III gauntlet or weekly chest grants one path or power that you do not yet own.

  • New cards: Blood Dolls and Troikasekt (placeholder art).

  • New accounts now start with 80 cards (20 of each color) that are organized into six preconstructed Starter Decks.

  • Story rewards now unlock 20 additional cards (5 of each color).

  • Now accepting payments on Android (due to Apple policies with test apps, payments for iOS can not be enabled until the app goes live).

  • Starter pack - new players will be given a time-limited offer to buy 5 core packs and 800 mythril for $5.

  • Added redemption code system. There’s now a tile in the Store that allows players to enter special codes to receive presents. Join our discord to get Alpha test codes!

  • Added new Daily Missions.

  • Burned cards are now more visually distinct from unburned cards.

  • New card wheel interface (UI for picking through cards in boneyards, selecting cards to discard, etc.) should make it easier to select between larger number of cards.

  • Advanced search commands added to card filtering (see “Search” below for specifics).

  • Crafting card filter is now a simpler, two-way toggle.

  • Added a button to the end game screen which allows players to review the board/emote after a game.

  • Added pause and speed controls during game replays.

  • Replays now show divination cards.

  • You can now spectate live games (cards will be hidden unless known to all players).

  • Slayer now works on defense.

  • Warded no longer protects from banish effects.

  • Boneyard Abomination, Extract Life, Gemcutter Spider, and Leshy Greene now show their variable values on the card as ★ in the editor, and will dynamically update to show expected value in game.

  • Avenging Alpha dynamically updates to show expected strength and health when created.

  • Nazca Memorial now shows the number of minions memorialized.

  • Berserkr Sickness, Wings of Abbadon, and Alkonost kill effects are now “sacrifice” and can be used on warded minions.

  • Fixed a bug where it wouldn’t allow you to go into the deck editor if you’ve deleted all of your decks.

  • Fixed a bug that would soft-lock the game if you examined a boneyard or deck right before a divination or similar effect fires.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple Singing Stones wouldn’t correctly apply their bonus when moving into enchantments.

  • Fixed a bug where a Ravine Guardian’s stats would be incorrectly calculated when on the board with a Revolutionary Totem in play

  • Fixed a bug where Nazca Memorial’s buff remained even after the memorial got removed from play.

  • Fixed a bug where the Goliath Spider created by The Goliath’s Web when placed across from a Hekate’s Wheel would not properly have its deadly ability suppressed.

  • Fixed a bug where minions created on or moving into a suppressed Mistwalker Gate would improperly receive a free move action.

  • Fixed a bug where sourced buffs from dying minions would incorrectly be applied if their death and the application of the buff happens at the “same time”. For example, summoning a Sapo, the Devourer next to a Freki Sidecar would incorrectly leave the Sapo with rush.

  • Fixed a bug where Extract Life cast on a sapped Maze of Iyatiku could give the casting player an incorrect amount of life.

  • Fixed a bug where minions returned to hand by Garden of Iriy would display incorrect values.

  • Dora’s activated ability now targets decks rather than players.

  • You can now queue playing a card whose casting cost depends on the burning of another card before the burn animation for that card has completed.

  • The mana cost of cards is now rendered in cyan if reduced or red if increased from the base cost.

  • Changed minion strength/health color key to:

Flashing Purple

“Life support”: Minion will die if suppressed.



Bright Yellow


Darker Yellow


  • Hovering or zooming a minion card while the minion is in play will show fractional health if the minion’s current health isn’t equal to its maximum health. For example, a 4 health minion dealt 1 point of damage will show its health as ¾ on its tooltip card.

  • Improved visual quality of card highlights.

  • Deck editor now prompts you if you attempt to exit without setting a path and power (if available).

  • Enforce maximum of 100 decks per player and 200 cards per deck.

  • Improved minion token shadows when high quality shadows is turned on in gfx options.

Known Issues

  • Friends list functionality did not get completed in time for this release.

  • The “goes second” modifiers for paths are placeholder while we evaluate options.

  • Melinoë, Soul Shepherd may not add Forlorn Spirits to your hand for minions destroyed at the “same” time as her. We intend to fix this, but the proper solution is complicated enough (with attendant high probability of unanticipated side effects) that we’ll put it off until we have ample resources to do more thorough testing.


  • Bog Basilisk

    • COST: 4[G]G → 4[G]

  • Born Again

    • COST: 2[G]G → 2[G]

  • Disk of Circadia

    • DAY: Gain 1 life, discard a card, and all your minions get [Overrun] until end of turn. → Gain 1 life, discard a card, and all your minions get [Focused 1] until Night.

    • NIGHT: Divination 2 and draw a card. → [Divination 2], draw a card, and all your minions that didn't attack heal for 2 at the end of your turn until Day.

    • NEW: Starts on Night, or Day if you go second.

  • Enchanteater

    • COST: 4[Y]Y → 4[Y]

  • Enyo, Murder’s Muse

    • COST: 5[R]RRR → 5[R]RR

    • ACTIVE: @, Sap 7: Empower with [Frenzy] and [Immortal]. → @: If she has 8 or more health, empower with [Frenzy] and [Immortal].

This should go a long way toward making Enyo’s power easier to understand.

  • Foul Harvest

    • BOUNTY: 2 life and (2) temporary mana → 4 life and (2) temporary mana.

  • Godsblud Transfusion

    • BUFF: +2/+2 and Regen 3 → +1/+1 and Regen 3

  • Grinning Kolobok

    • REMOVED: Rush

    • ABILITY: Breach, Sap 1: Gain (2) temporary mana. → [Demise]: Gain (2) temporary mana.

Part of a longer term effort to solidify color identities, (green desire being tactics over speed) and many of the less combo-oriented pancake uses already involved waiting a turn to attack.

  • Journey of Souls

    • NEW: Starts with 1 soul if you go second.

  • Metzin Giant

    • COST: 5[Y] → 5[Y]Y

  • Red Carnival

    • COST: 3[R]R → 3[R]

  • Serpent Den

    • TEMPLE SNAKES: Rush → [Awaken]: Gets a free move action.

With the den snaking up the battlefield immediately, it’s become more about speed than generation. Them sneks had rush primarily so they could move and avoid clogging their lane up, but why slither away when you can attack bigger minions?

  • Thunderclap

    • SPELL: Deal 2 damage to all your opponent's minions. → Deal 2 damage to your opponent and all enemy minions.

For the cost, this spell could stand to clap your opponent as well. Also adjusted wording to better reflect the actual behavior in 2v2.

  • Turn of Seasons

    • NEW: Starts in Winter, or Spring if you go second.

  • Wendish Giant

    • COST: 4[G] → 4[G]G

  • Yahui

    • COST: 2[Y] → 2[Y]Y


  • Lots of new UI to support the Main Menu changes

(Main menu, Play sub menu, Collection sub menu, main menu icons, and various Header art for each sub menu.)

  • Added a couple of scenes to the beginning of the story sequences

  • Continued tweaks to new and existing path placements

  • New Power icons and card art for Foresight and Reanimate

  • Distressed, burnt card frame.

  • Starter Pack and Redemption Codes panel in Store

  • New card art: (Orange cards only available in Story mode.)

    • Cobblejack

    • Forge Elemental

    • Dune Cat (O)

    • Twinfire Zealot (O)

    • Vital Proxa (O)

    • Parsa Fanatic (O)

    • Dust Devil (O)

    • Parsa Clarion (O)

    • Sandscaping (O)

    • Blood Dolls (R)


  • Armor proc

  • Rejuvenate Power (Revise)

  • Eirsdottir (Revise)

  • Impel Power (Revise)

  • Reanimate Power (Stand-in WIP)

  • Scarred (Stand-in WIP)

  • Foresight Power

  • Koschei The Deathless (Reanimate VFX)

  • Zolea The Unclean (Brand VFX)

  • Bela Witch Queen (Modify VFX)


You can now search for artist names and text in tooltip cards.

Search is now word-based, with a default conjunction of AND (also & or &&).

For example, if you type MEGA BOMB, it will show cards that contain both “MEGA” and “BOMB”, not necessarily “MEGA BOMB”.

If you want to search for a phrase, enclose it in quotes, ie “MEGA BOMB”.

OR (also | or ||) can be used to specify either-or.

For example, if you type ⸢MEGA OR BOMB⸥, it will search for cards that contain either “MEGA” or “BOMB”.

NOT (also !) can be used to specify not.

For example, if you type ⸢MEGA !BOMB⸥, it will show cards that have the word “MEGA” but not the word “BOMB”.

You can use parentheses to specify order of operations.

You can search for minions using #/# notation.

For example, if you type ⸢3/3⸥, it will show only minions that have 3 strength and 3 health.

If you type ⸢3/*⸥, it will show only minions that have 3 strength.

You can use the following variables:

STRENGTH (also STR) A minion’s strength
HEALTH (also HP) A minion’s health
BLUE (also BLU) A card’s blue gem cost
RED A card’s red gem cost
YELLOW (also YLW) A card’s yellow gem cost
GREEN (also GRN) A card’s green gem cost
GEMS (also GEM) A card’s total gem cost
MANA A card’s mana cost
COUNT (also NUM) The number of cards you own
NEW Whether or not the card is new

In conjunction with the following operators:

= Equals

< Less than

> Greater than

>= Greater than or equal-to

<= Less than or equal-to

For example, if you type ⸢STR>MANA AND GEM=1⸥, it will show minion cards whose strength is greater than the mana cost and only contain a single gem in the casting cost.