Mythgard Competitive

11/23/2020 10:36:03 PM

Mythgard’s Competitive Season Starts in January 2021!

Mythgard’s first competitive season will start in January 2021 and include a $20,000 prize pool!  The season will consist of 6 ranked ladder seasons tied to 6 qualification tournaments.  The season will finish in December 2021, where the top 16 players will compete for $20,000 and the title of Mythgard’s World Champion!


Black Friday Comes to Mythgard November 27th to December 1st

Visit the shop this weekend to bring some style to your gameplay and pick up the Grassy Fields board for 25 Mythril (93% Off!).

In addition to that, ALL packs and boards will be 25% off from 2 am PT on Nov 27th to 2 am PT on Dec 1st.



For our immensely creative community and devious deck builders, we are having another featured deck contest!

Submit your deck before Dec 4th, and we will pick the top 30 decks to showcase in-game. 

Click here for the full rules and guidelines.