7/9/2021 7:03:02 PM


Dear Players,

It’s with great sadness that I announce that Mythgard will be entering Maintenance Mode. The team fought tooth and nail over five grueling years trying to make it happen, but the CCG market is a different place than it was all those years ago, with several large companies able to totally outspend us on both content, but far more importantly, on marketing.

I personally have put the large part of my life savings into this game. Most of the team have worked at far below market rates to make it. All out of love for what we were doing. I’ll forever be in their debt for following me into this venture, for their tireless hard work, and for the precious things they’ve sacrificed on the way. As time passed, our team members have dropped off one by one due to a need to provide for their family and to seek some measure of financial security. I don’t think any of them did so because they truly wanted to. At last, our numbers have dwindled to the point that it’s simply no longer possible to continue creating additional content.

I’ll forever be grateful to the many players who spent time and money on the game. Over the years, I’ve met a lot of truly wonderful people in the community, who I only hope that we’ve managed to provide some fond memories.

I especially want to thank Noah, who has volunteered his time, for as long as he’s able, to continue to provide community support and what development effort he can towards live balance. He’s been an absolute wonder, and a joy to work with. I also want to thank both Noah and Mantid for their work on Hub, foxfire_kadrpg for his absolutely amazing and adorable axolotl emotes, nirast for running the outof.cards Mythgard portal, the folks at 983 (especially Markthius) for their work on tournaments, nelzya for being one of the very first players of the game and sticking with us all this time, and all of the various many wonderful people who over the years created content, evangelized the game, and otherwise supported us.

What does maintenance mode mean?

We’ll no longer be working actively on a large expansion set. Some of the team members have been discussing how to make smaller sets using licensed art on a volunteer basis, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to do this effectively. The servers will remain up as long as I can reasonably pay for them out of pocket. As I mentioned above, Noah has volunteered to help with balance changes should any become advisable.

Ranked seasons for 2021 will continue as planned. Beyond that, there will be eight ranked seasons per year. They will be split relatively evenly across the year. We still plan on holding the third EOS tournament on the July 10th weekend, as that has already been paid for.

For now, players will still be able to buy mythril. Please view any money you spend on Mythgard as a donation to keep the servers up a little longer, as that’s where it will go. Similarly, you may wonder why we’re shipping the paid Titan battle pass at the same time as announcing maintenance mode. The reason is fairly simple - it was already long done by the time we got to this point, and while we could have delayed the announcement of maintenance mode to see if we could make some extra money off of it, we’d rather not do.

Thank you all again for all the amazing support over the years, and for making Mythgard such a fun project to work on.