The Paths of Mythgard

3/12/2020 1:02:15 AM

For today’s dev blog we are going to take a look at the Paths of Mythgard!


Disk of Circadia

The scorching power of a new day dawns.

The questing clarity of night falls

Based on the technomagical nature of running different polarities of electricity through this ancient relic

+6 starting life

Flips between two abilities when you activate your Power:

Night: Divination 2, Draw a card, and all your minions that didn’t attack heal for 1 at the end of your turn until Day.

Day: Discard a card and all minions have Slayer 1 until Night

Pursuit: Your power costs 0 mana to activate the first time.

Fires of Creation

When the world was young, the act of creation had… side effects; refugees of magic and minerals that would eventually come to be called elementals.

+8 starting life, 0🗲

When you create an artifact, +1🗲 and add a Forgeling to your hand with mana cost, strength, and health equal to 🗲.

When you create a Forgeling, look at the top 4 cards of your deck.  You may choose an artifact to place on top; shuffle the rest back into your deck.

Pursuit: Your first Forgeling costs 0 mana

Journey of Souls

Percy’s time in Hades grants her a natural feeling of the ebb and flow of souls through the underworld, and a sense for how some of the deceased can be given a path back to the world of the living, given the right circumstances.

+3 starting life

Gather a soul when one of your non-Ephemeral minions dies.

If you start your turn with 3 or more souls, return the bottom minion in your boneyard to your hand, make it Ephemeral, and lose 3 souls.

Pursuit: Starts with 2 souls.

Rainbow’s End

Hidden in the shrouded steppes is a land where gloom turns to hope.

+5 starting life

At the end of your turn, if the top card of your deck is an enchantment, draw it.

You may replace enchantments with other enchantments.  When you do, gain the replaced enchantment’s mana cost as temporary mana.

Pursuit: Add a Leprechaun’s Coin item to your hand.

Turn of Seasons

The path of seasons is a long and tumultuous journey.

+1 starting life

Rotate through four seasons at the start of your turn:

Winter: All your minions have Fragile 1.

Spring: Gain 1 life.

Summer: Heal all your minions for 1.

Fall: Draw a card.

Pursuit: +4 additional starting life