Post-Harmony Patch Notes

2/5/2020 10:38:07 PM

Hey folks, surprise, the Purple Patch seemed to be kinda okay! Note that it wasn't something that we'd been planning on doing. However, Harmony's win rate was poor enough that it just made sense to do it. I want to give special thanks to Minmaxer and Tune Star for their help with regards to assessing the changes and to the community at large for several ideas for the cards that got changed. We may end up pushing back the scheduled February balance patch as a result, or maybe not - depends on how the meta shakes out over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of February, we plan on patching again next week with bug fixes as well as to deploy our Valentine's Day event. As with many of our previous events, the VD event will be 2v2 focused. This time we plan on really shaking things up with a major rules change - you'll only be able to play on your partner's side! (The idea was to bring the concept of three-legged-races to the world of Mythgard)

Finally, I want to get your thoughts - we've been discussing adding an "originality" bonus to match rewards. Players would get additional rewards for using under-utilized cards in their decks. What do you think?