Halloween events and welcome codes

10/9/2019 7:53:11 PM

We sent out Halloween codes to people on our mailing list today. Each Code Grants:

  • 10 packs
  • 2 random unowned paths and 2 random unowned powers
  • 10 common, 6 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 mythic wild cards redeemable for cards of any color

These codes expire on Oct 23. If you didn't get a code, join our discord to get one from members of our community!

We also announced some events for October:

2vTuesday: 2v2 mode awards 20% extra coin for the next three Tuesdays in October

Arena Thursdays: Arena mode awards 20% extra coin for the next three Thursdays in October

October 12th & 13th: Earn double XP and double coin from 2v2! Get your friends in here!

October 19th & 20th: We’re going to run a special 2v2 ladder on the 19th & 20th of October. Get 3 packs for 5 wins and the top prize will be 100 packs. Full details to come.

Oct 28th - 31st: Spooky Spirits invade 2v2! All minions played in 2v2 count as spirits and grant 2 temporary mana when destroyed. Destroy 113 enemy minions in 2v2 matches and you get the Halloween card back.