Patch Notes v0.15

6/21/2019 8:23:20 PM

This is the Purplest patch we’ve ever done! Purple cards are available to Q-mode testers. Q-mode is a testing-only mode that allows you to build and test decks with cards you do not own. If you were level 15 before this patch deployed, you will automatically be given Q-mode access; you just need to enable it in the Options menu. Other high-level players who have been active in the community can request Q-mode access on Discord from rhino_turbo. Purple cards will be available for all players later this summer.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Increased price of starter pack to $10 and increased the number of packs to 10 and the amount of mythril to 1500. Players who already bought the smaller starter pack will receive the new larger starter pack after the wipe

  • Added “Next Pack” button to pack opening screen

  • Reduced crafting values for mythic rarity cards to 2400 (make) and 600 (unmake)

  • Revamped the missions screen to show all rewards, including the daily bonus pool, daily singles, and weekly chest

  • Changed the way the daily bonus pool works to make coin rewards more clear. The total end of match coin reward is subtracted from the bonus pool, instead of the previous 2/3. The bonus pools have been increased to 1200 coins to compensate

  • Enabled Gallery in the Collections menu. Use arrow keys or click/touch left and right sides of the screen to advance selected image.

  • Updated Faction section of the Guide

  • Matchmaking: Added ability to leave the matchmaking queue screen while remaining in queue. Your current deck when entering the queue is displayed on the matchmaking screen and will be used for the queued match. Changes to the deck while in queue WILL be reflected in the queued match (deleting or otherwise invalidating the queued deck is not allowed while in queue). A matchmaking status notification will be shown on screen while in queue and clicking the glowing ‘match ready’ notification will bring you back to the appropriate matchmaking screen to begin the match.

  • A ‘Requeue’ button is now shown at the end of the match for all game modes unless the player was added to the match via a challenge (we plan on enabling this for challenges in the future).

  • Increased card art texture quality on Android and Web builds

  • Added turn timer warning tones

  • New music stinger when starting Mythgard

  • Key music stingers, e.g. drums at the start of a match, now play on the sounds effects channel (instead of the music channel)

  • Fixed issue with audio skipping in the story sequences

  • Added ability to sort decks in deck manager by name, last modified, or last played (see icon in the top-right of the deck manager UI)

  • Path icon now visible in 1v1 games

  • New tooltip system shows modifier breakdown, extended tags, and overflow card text

    • Tooltips are now scrollable in full zoom

    • Toggle keyword display from the guide

    • Click on individual modifier lines to see cards

  • Visual History now shows interaction target (combat participants, target of spells, etc)

  • Deck tracker now tracks cards for all players and sports a variety of sorting styles

  • Added a Depletion (AKA fatigue) card to better illustrate fatigue damage. You can now hover over an empty deck to see the current fatigue level

  • Repaired the Virus card type string for display

  • Minions with Bulwark on them now display the Armor ability icon

  • Removed targeting line option (it is now always on)

  • Fixed a few causes of game desync (fade to black reload loop).

  • Fixed issue where Weekly Chest occasionally gave out no rewards.

  • Gauntlet expiration is now displayed in the Gauntlet status window; expiration is also now extended upon playing a match.

  • Fix for card collection count and phantom state not always updating when crafting/uncrafting cards in deck editor.

  • Fixed power drag targeting issue on touch devices.

  • Fixed bug where collection card counts would be incorrect if the crafting panel or auto-unmake ui was closed during the animation.

  • Capped auto-unmake time when a large number of cards are being unmade.

  • Fixed bugs in making/unmaking with wildcards.

  • Fixed wildcard graphics when opened in a pack.

  • Fixed graphic artifacts on card text when zoomed close to the camera.

Known Issues

  • The block feature on the Social panel doesn’t work yet

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand

  • When you Impel a minion, the free move action is not displayed on the second turn of Impel’s effect


Added Purple faction cards. Base player life 25 20.

Dream Weaver

  • ACTIVE COST: → ❶

Insurance Broker

  • ENERGY: 2 → 1

  • PASSIVE: Gets +1🗲 when one of your other minions dies → another minion dies

Insurgent (generated by Xerxian Hideout)

  • COST: 2O → 3O

Orpheum of Horrors

  • NEW: Occupying minion has +1/+0

Soma Oasis

  • REMOVED: and get +1/+1

Given all the creative uses players have found for the windowed safety of the enchantment, it doesn’t need a helping of base stat gravy on top of the main functionality.

Xerxian Saboteur

  • REMOVED: Lurker

Paths & Powers/Tuning


  • Gives a free move action and Swift until the end of your next turn → Gives a free move action this turn and the next

New Cards

  1. Adamant Pearl

  2. Axe Man

  3. Back Alley Ronin

  4. Baku Bogeyman

  5. Balance

  6. Battle Chef

  7. Biting Blade

  8. Celestial Dragon

  9. Cloud Pillar Peak

  10. Compulsory Curse

  11. Corrupt Prayer Wheel

  12. Daigoju Supreme

  13. Decoy

  14. Defy Death

  15. Depletion

  16. Divine Compass

  17. Electric Sheep

  18. Emperor Koi

  19. Familia Sprite

  20. Feng Shui Master

  21. Five Spirit Gate

  22. Flame Scroll

  23. Ghost in the System

  24. Golden Feather

  25. God of Gamers

  26. Grandma Meng’s Tea House

  27. Healing Potion

  28. Herald of Conquest

  29. Hoarding Hero

  30. Hollow

  31. Homeward Crown

  32. Hotel Barkeep

  33. Hungry Ghost

  34. Immolation Cloak

  35. Imperative Bell

  36. Insatient

  37. Jade Puma

  38. Jaded Courtier

  39. Jin-Sook, Dollmaster

  40. Juiced

  41. Kite Glider

  42. Knives in the Dark

  43. Lantern Colossus

  44. Little Crane Girl

  45. Llort

  46. Log

  47. Master of Shadows

  48. Mind Freak

  49. Misfortune

  50. Muttonmorphosis

  51. Neo-Gangnam

  52. Night Market

  53. Nimbus Archer

  54. Nine-Tailed Vixen

  55. Peach of Life

  56. Pentacle of Flavors

  57. Perfect Grade

  58. Pocket Instance

  59. Powerful Ramen

  60. Pushy Oni

  61. Racer In Shadow

  62. Re:Spawn

  63. Red Cliffs

  64. Reincarnation

  65. Ring of Eternity

  66. Rogue Vocaloid

  67. Shinobi of Fire

  68. Shinobi of Wind

  69. Shinobi of Smoke

  70. Simuzen

  71. Sniffer

  72. Spirit Away

  73. Spiteful Mimic

  74. Squire Pike

  75. Steam Bun

  76. Stratagem Thirty-Six

  77. Stubborn Tengu

  78. Sword Saint

  79. Terragon

  80. The Fast Lane

  81. Thriving Shade

  82. Tong Foot Soldier

  83. War Fan

  84. Waystone Garden

  85. Whitemoon Arena

  86. Wok Shield

  87. Yojimbo