Patch Notes v0.14.1

5/1/2019 6:21:32 PM

0.14.1 is primarily a bug fix patch.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Added small chance to get wild cards in card packs

  • Added ability to ‘favorite’ card materials and trims to customize the cardback used during card drafts and pack opening and to use as the default for new decks.

  • Another iteration on card layout (still WiP)

  • Tuning adjustments to matchmaking to make it easier to find matches, especially at higher tiers (as a consequence, higher ranked players will occasionally match with players of much lower rank)

  • Fixed a bug with reconnect protocol while matchmaking

  • Fixed match status not being shared to members of 2v2 match queues when they relogin

  • Fix for casual vs ranked games not showing up in match history with casual player greyed (this will not be retroactive)

  • Fixed claiming Maat rewards display on the client

  • Fix display for single card rewards in game mode panels

  • Puzzle mode is no longer applicable for daily missions

  • Minor string fixes and spelling/grammar cleanup

  • Removed non-extended combat preview as an option

  • Added screen shake toggle to options menu

  • When screen shake is enabled, the end game thumbs up button no longer shakes

  • Artifact durability is now displayed properly on divination

  • Fix text not showing up on cards when spectating a match

  • Fixed a bug where suppressed keyword abilities were being shown on the card

  • Moved back player boneyard count tooltip to match back player deck count tooltip

  • Fix inverted hand selection for opponent hand

  • Disk of Circadia should now properly flip sides upon activating a power

  • Pillage should now be castable

  • Fix Bragi Runesinger’s Ultimate interaction with revealed hand

  • Fix Traitorous Murmur / Lavish Proxy interaction (a stolen proxy will no longer protect its former controller)

  • Fix interaction between Hekate’s Wheel and Marching Orders

  • Fix Daeva of the Wastes to send unpicked card to bottom instead of shuffled into deck

  • Fix Fires of Creation card text to reflect that unchosen cards are shuffled instead of sent to the bottom

  • Fixed Godsblud Transfusion tooltip referencing Regen 3 instead of 2

Known Issues

  • The block feature on the Social panel doesn’t work yet

  • Vengeful Heirloom cast on an ally’s minion in 2v2 will not return to your hand


Infuse (power)

  • ACTIVE: Once per turn, give a friendly minion +1/+1 until end of turn → Once per turn, give a minion +1/+1 until end of turn

Undoing this change, which was in anticipation of a stealthy new mechanic... we’ve got it figured out better now though, so feel free to buff your enemies into Gigantomachia range once again!

Kushiel the Unforgiving

  • ABILITY: After killing a minion in combat, gets a free attack action → Gets another action after killing a minion in combat

Converting this into a full action avoids a bug with the way it overlapped with Frenzy, but it also just adds a bit of flexibility.

Lamp of Wonders

  • COST: 3[O] → 2[O]


  • Updated card art for Detained/Deported and Ingrid Stormdottir