Patch Notes v0.12.1

12/21/2018 1:04:04 AM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Steam clients on non-English OSes from loading data files.

  • Fixed a bug where sound was not playing on web.

  • Fixed an issue with card art being lower resolution than normal when zoomed.

  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to select cards in the collection and deck editor.

  • Card collection / deck editor now shows card tooltips when a card is focused.

  • Fixed an issue with the deck histogram on mobile devices with screen intrusions that could cause it to not fully appear.

  • Reversed order of save and deck validation dialogs on leaving deck editor.

  • Fixed an issue with essence update when switching cards immediately crafting.

  • Fixed an issue with updating phantom cards in deck editor after crafting.

  • Enabled arrow keys to change selected card in collection pane of vertical deck editor.

  • Cardback set for gauntlet decks now show up in game.

  • Fixed a bug in AI gauntlet drafting.

  • The left-to-right hand game option now forces your hand to be arranged such that the rightmost card is always on “top”.

  • Cards on the edge of the card wheel should now select properly.

  • Added several new bot opponents (Blood Call, Plague Witch, Primal Hunger, Runesinger, Shell Shock, Six Reasons, and Winter’s Howl).

  • Fixed a desync issue with Stairway to Hades.

  • Fixed a desync issue with Samosek.

  • Seven new AI decks and portraits added. Beating an AI deck awards the corresponding portrait. Winning a PvP game has a small chance to award an unowned portrait.

  • Fixed card text fitment.

  • Fixed an issue where High Quality Shadows setting was reset on application start.

  • Fixed an issue where random cardback rewards were not being dropped.

Known Issues

  • The Arena and 2v2 vs AI queues are not currently working.

  • A Serpent’s Den or Goliath’s Web targeted by Loki’s Veil will still create a minion the turn they come into play.

  • Moving a minion on life-support *left* from a Cairnhenge to another Cairnhenge will kill it. (This is true for any source of permanent health and minions on life support.)

  • Replacing a Cairnhenge occupied by a minion on life support with another Cairnhenge will kill the minion. (This is true for any source of permanent health and minions on life support.)


  • Detained

    • EFFECT: Return a minion to its owner's hand → Stun a minion until your next turn

  • Deported (spell created by Detained)

    • COST: 3[G] → 2[G]

    • EFFECT: Return a minion to the top of its owner's deck → Return a minion to its owner's hand

  • Matryoshka

    • ACTIVE: Give a minion +★/+★ until your next turn... → Give a minion +★/+★ until end of turn…

  • Sariel of Enoch

    • REMOVED: Warded

    • ABILITY: Gives all your minions Warded → Gives all your other minions Warded

This should slightly complicate or limit some of his combo potential, but we’re probably going to have to keep an eye on this angel for a while.

  • Shroud of the Pit

    • ENERGY: 3 → 4

    • PASSIVE: At the start of your turn, gets +2🗲 → At the start of your turn, gets +1🗲

  • Xerxian Saboteur

    • ACTIVE COST: ❸ → ❶@


  • Adjusted UI glows and turn change indicator to hopefully reduce motion sickness in some players.

  • Fixed 2v2 intro art offsets.

  • Fixed offset of visual effects that target player portrait in combat.

  • Fixed issue causing portrait disconnect visual effect to not appear correctly.