Patch Notes v 0.12

12/15/2018 1:25:41 AM

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Added twitch overlay (still requires approval from Twitch).

  • Added a small batch of new cards (see below).

  • Added several new cardback material and trim options. (Each pvp victory and weekly chest gives a small chance to unlock one unowned material or trim.)

  • Updated game board, player portrait, and turn change visuals.

  • End turn timer should now be a bit more prominent.

  • You can now zoom on cards while opening packs.

  • You can now change to a “vertical” deck editor layout (see game settings).

  • Added deck import and export.

  • You can now make “phantom” decks with cards you don’t own (if the unowned filter is on).

  • Added practice mode - you can now hand  the AI one of your decks and play against it (no rewards).

  • Added options for separate filter panel (see game settings).

  • Added fps display and throttle framerate to graphics options.

  • You can now change your name from the player profile panel.

  • Added more lore for various cards.

  • The rules text for each game mode now shows how much coin you could currently win, considering your current bonus pools. The gauntlet panel shows the coin rewards for defeating the next opponent.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause some games to desync and/or not be replayable.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause payment to hang.

  • Fixed a bug with top bar values (coin, packs, etc) not updating properly.

  • Disabled buggy controller handling code causing collection and deck editor to scroll continuously when a game controller is connected.

  • Fixed some graphics artifacts on zoomed in cards.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause cards to be “stuck” on screen.

  • Spectating a game that just finished now properly shows the game over overlay.

  • Actionable minions and artifacts now correctly display their actionable state after divination.

  • Fixed a bug where tooltips for keyword N abilities (such as armor, regen, blight, etc) could show the wrong value when multiple such abilities were present on a card.

  • Fixed a bug preventing Scion of Pride’s spirit immunity from being suppressible.

  • Fixed a bug where Seal of Exile became uncastable when one of your minions was occupying Bald Mountain.

  • Fixed a bug where suppressing bald mountain was not properly removing the casting cost reduction for spells in hand.

  • Fixed minions not losing warded when casting Pride of Place on Sariel of Enoch

  • Fixed vampires not costing less mana with Strigoi Familiar in play

  • Removed an erroneous regen tooltip from Behemoth.

  • Revised card text for some cards to better communicate their function.

  • Card animation in hand is more responsive and less janky.

  • Deck tracker should now draw over Rainbow’s End vfx.

  • Merged 1v1 and 2v2 casual modes into a single panel in main menu in preparation for more game modes in the future.

  • Made backend changes to better support a more advanced turn timer in the future.

Known Issues

  • 2v2 vs AI is not currently working.

    Sound is not working on web.

New Cards



  • Awakened Huntress (minion transformed from Freki Huntress)

    • COST: 3[R] → 4[R]R

  • Bob “Banzai” Vaquero

    • TAG: Outlaw → Rebel

  • Mardykhor

    • NAME: Mardyakhor → Mardykhor

An attempt to guide pronunciation by tweaking a letter in there didn’t accomplish anything, so we’re returning to the “standard” spelling of a prototypical, non-standard mythical beast.

  • To Heaven and Back

    • ANGEL BUFF: +2/+2, Agile, and its mana cost reduced by ➋ → +1/+1, Agile, and its mana cost reduced by ➋

If you’re experiencing a little deja vu, it’s because this change didn’t quite make it into the last patch.

  • Vessel (minion generated by the Imperfect Copy spell)

    • COST: 0 → 2

  • Vengeful Heirloom

    • COST: 2[O] → 3[O]


  • Finalized Orange card illustrations for Miraculous Feast, Parsa Immortal, and Thieves Bazaar.


  • Added VFX for many cards.